Welcome to Transgender.FM:
America's #1 Transgender & LGBT Community, Social & Support Club!

WELCOME TO AMERICA'S #1 Transgender & LGBT social, support and community interactive social network! EVERYONE within the LGBT community and over 18 years of age, is welcome to join! Transgender.FM is also HOME to CLUB SHINE Saturdays at the Oxwood, Van Nuys & ANGELS Karaoke & DanceClub Thursdays at the OX!

This is a a members ONLY social network where NO NUDITY, PARTIAL NUDITY, Illicit, Sexual or un-welcomed solicitations are allowed. Also, insulting behavior or comments are NOT allowed. There are plenty of sites for these needs, but this is NOT one.

Transgender.FM is a FULL Featured Social Website with over 10,000 members on this site and supporting chapter sites. We want members who want to be part of a community social and support network across the country; you can either be open or discreet. Transgender.FM does not or will never publish or share it's mailing list. On average, Only 3 out of 5 member applicants are approved to join so it is important to fill out the questionnaire as we read each and everyone. Transgender.FM has an ACTIVE FORUM, MEMBER PROFILE PAGE, MEMBER BLOG SECTION, PHOTOS, VIDEO SHARE, GROUP AND GEOGRAPHICAL GROUP ABILITY, SOCIAL EVENTS CALENDAR FOR SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA and much more!

If your membership is approved, we ask ONLY for a $25. annual Donation annually that you can pay via PayPal or Credit Card and we have NO UPGRADE FEE OPTIONS! You get access to EVERYTHING once your membership is approved! We hope you enjoy our heart-felt efforts, love for the transgender community and our rapidly growing membership!

In love, harmony and one community spirit… Laura Gonzales- Creator, Writer, Design, Graphics & Administrator & Dionne Chateau- Co-Creator, Programmer, Design and Technical Manager
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