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Hi TGCD Members, this is the first publication of a list of all providers known for the transgender community. I know that this list is not yet complete, but I wanted to get this out ASAP. As time goes on, I will add more names and services available to all and I would APPRECIATE names and information about ANYONE or organization I may have missed on this first publication. ALSO, ANY feedback is appreciated regarding these providers. Thank you! Laura




> Dr. Alexander Sinclair, Beverly Hills   www.alexandersinclairmd.com/     FFS/Breast/Laser/More  Recommended by: Laura G. 

> Dr. John O'Dea, Beverly Hills, CA    Hormones/more     http://www.odeamedical.com/   Recommended by: Laura G.

> Dr. Toby Meltzer, Scottsdale, AZ
> Dr. Joel Beck, San Mateo, L.A.
> Dr. Leslie Berstein, Sacramento, CA
> Dr. Robert Brink, San Mateo
> Dr. Ronald Iverson, Pleasanton
> Dr. Stanley Jacobs, Healdsburg, S.F.
> Dr. Brian Orisek, Los Gatos, CA
> Dr. Douglas Ousterhout, S.F.
> Dr. Gary Adler, Beverly Hills 
> Dr. Sherman Leis, Philadelphia   www.dr sherman leis.com     Recommended by Laura G.
> Dr. Abraham Tzadik, Marina del Rey
> Dr. Marci Bowers, Colorado   www.marcibowers.com/       Recommended by: Laura G.
> Dr. Michael Tralla, Wheatridge, CO
> Dr. Supporn, Thailand   www.supornclinic.com/     (SRS, FFS, More) Recommended by: Laura G. 
> Dr. Kenneth Brown, Clearwater, FL
> Dr. Mont Cartwright, Orlando, FL
> Dr. William Silver, Atlanta, GA
> Dr. Loren Schechter, Morton Grove, IL
> Dr. Mark Zukowski, Chicago, IL
> Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, Boston, MA
> Dr. Steven Denenberg, Omaha, NE
> Dr. John Taylor, West Long Branch, NJ
> Dr. Larry Weinstein, Chester, NJ
> Dr. Jamie Koufman, (Director Voice Institute of New York)
> Dr. Ronald Logosso, Stony Brook, NY
> Dr. Benito Rish, NY
> Dr. Arthur Bing, Columbus, OH
> Dr. Lois Wagstrom, Nashville, TN
> Dr. James Fox, Austin, TX
> Dr. Christopher Patronell, Houston TX
> Dr. Peter Raphael, Plano TX
> Dr. George Miller, Alexandria, VA
> Dr. Saeed Marefat, Annandale, VA
> Dr. Yvon Menard and Dr. Pierre Brassard, Montreal, Quebec
> Dr. Michael Seghers, Brussels, Belgium
> Dr. Carl Bushong
> Dr. Saran Wannachamras, Thailand
> Dr. Chettawut Tulayaphanich
> Dr. William Futrell
> Dr. Pichet Rodchareon
> Dr. Kamol Pansritum, Dr. Danai Meekaewkunchorn, Dr. Surasak Juajarungjai, Thailand


The following list compiled by The Gender ID Coalition, http://www.genderid.org  

Please join their organization and support their incredible efforts.

US Online and Offline Gender Therapists:

Web Counseling:

John D Moore LCPC, CADC
Secure Online Web Consultations
E-mail: john@johndmoore.net
Website: http://www.johndmoore.net/
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. Works with TG individuals to help them sort through the myriad of emotions and stress. Must be a resident of Illinois.

Gender Therapist Online
"We are a Gender Psychotherapy resource dedicated to the needs of individuals with gender identity disorders and other related issues..... Providing therapy to the Trans-gender Community for gender related issues and assessment of readiness for hormones and SRS, leading to a report and letters of recommendation.
We currently have many clients worldwide who find our service invaluable, as they live in isolated areas, have not the resource close to where they reside. Prefer the flexibility and availability of the service, the non-face to face contact. being able to use our services from the comfort of their home, or are simply reserved and shy. All of our therapists are fully qualified, U.K. registered and possess many years of experience and fulfill the requirements of the Dr. Harry Benjamin Standards of care. This is an online and Worldwide Service"

Dr Carl Bushong
Transsexual, Transgendered Care. Consultation by long distance telephone. Dr. Bushong calls you. He also sets up Testing for hormone therapy. Price $125.00 per 50 minute hour. Service is provided Worldwide.

Caroline Gibbs, LPC, NCC
Transgender Institute
7140 Wornall Road, Suite 203
Kansas City, MO. 64114
Phone : (816) 305-0943
Fax : (816) 216-7177
Email : gibbsassist@yahoo.com
"Gender therapy in office and online using the SKYPE camera. (For those choosing online therapy with Caroline she will provide you with a SKYPE camera free of charge.)"

B.E. Budd, Ph.D.
699 B Piedmont Ave, NE
Atlanta, Ga. 30324
Phone : (404) 873-5517
Email : bebudd@bebuddphd.com
Website : http://bebuddphd.com/
Online Therapy via Skype Web Cam and in office therapy.

Dr. Lori A. Jespersen, Psy.D
Phone : (707) 328-1268 between 9:00am PST and 4:00pm PST
(Every effort will be made to return inquiries from the Midwest / East coast promptly, though an initial e-mail may provide the quickest response time. Thank You!)
Email : drljespersen@gmail.com
A few pages from Lori's Website : Transgender Page the practice of Teletherapy Explained Lori's California Clinician License California Consumer Notice and the Price List
"I am a licensed clinical Psychologist in California, offering online, web-based positive/affirming psychotherapy to the transgender community. My work includes both private practice and work amongst incarcerated transgender individuals. Sliding Scale Fee Available."

Dr Maxwell Anderson (Deceased).


United States


Jane Brown, MA
Department of Urology
Kirklin Clinic
University of Alabama-Birmingham
Birmingham, AL.

Daniel McKeever, Ph.D.
Hill Crest Associates
6869 5th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL. 35212
Phone : (205) 838-2031

Susan E. Riser, Ph.D. Licensed Professional Counselor
A Better Way Counseling and psychotherapy
5510 Wares Ferry Road Suite U #3
Montgomery , AL. 36117
Phone : (334) 387-2317
Email : seriser@bellsouth.net

Montgomery Medical and Psychological Institute, Inc.
P.O. Box 3361
Montgomery, AL 35109
Contact: Jerry or Lynn Montgomery
TS support group and professional services. Information distribution center for the southeast region. Monthly meetings, free professional referrals, speakers, training seminars, hot line, and an annual TS convention. Screening required of clients. Local professionals working with out members are also screened.
Phone : (205) 272-2726

Tamara Pellant
100 Essex Court, Suite b
Madison, AL. 35758
Phone : (256) 464-9755
Email : tpellant@hiwaay.net
Recommended highly by one of her clients.


Wynelle Riley Snow MD, Psychiatrist
3100 Tongass Ave
Ketchikan, AK. 99901-5746
Phone (907) 228-7660
Fax (907) 228-8336
General psychiatry and individual psychotherapy. Board certified. Knowledgeable about gender issues

Barbara Annan, M.A.
250 Cushman Street, Suite 4F
P.O. Box 73063
Fairbanks, AK. 99707
Phone : (907) 457-3111
Confidential counseling and support for cross-dressing and transsexual issues. Sliding scale fee.


Shelia Friedeman Dickson, Ph.D.
3930 East Camelback Road, Suite 205
Phoenix, AZ. 85018
Phone : (602) 956-3006
Email : sdickson4@juno.com
Clinical psychologist experienced in individual, couples and family TV/TS and gender identity counseling, Referrals. Uses Harry Benjamin Standards of Care.

Mary A. Brasch MA/MA LPC
3040 East Cactus Road
Phoenix, AZ. 85032
Phone : (602) 494-1515
Email : debrasch96@cox.net
Board certified Therapist in Arizona, specializing in Transgender issues.

Christine Petrus Grubb, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
3040 E. Cactus, Suite 6
Phoenix, AZ. 85032
Phone : (602) 494-0302
Christine is not currently taking on new clients. However, she is now referring new clients to Mary Brasch who shares her office.
Mary's office phone number is : (602) 494-1515

Sandra Nettles, LCSW, MSSW
Deer Valley Counseling
Phoenix AZ. 85021
Phone : (602) 750-8051
Website : http://www.deerval.com/TransgenderCounseling.htm

Counselor working in Phoenix, Arizona. One of her specialties is providing supportive counseling to transgendered individuals while honoring and respecting your identity.

C. Judy O'Donoghue, Ph.D.
3910 S. Rural Rd. Suite A-1
Tempe, AZ. 85282
Phone : (480) 894-2425

Anne Bradford Stericker, Ph.D.
1200 N. El Dorado Place, Suite F-640
Tucson, AZ. 85715-4637
Phone : (520) 298-9746
Clinical Psychologist, Individual, Marital & Sex Therapy. AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist

Dalena M. Watson, LPC, FAMI, MT-BC
Personal Journeys for Healing, Transformation, & Wholeness
Individual Counseling and therapy sessions
Casa de Cristo/Genesis Counseling Center
1029 E. Turney
Phoenix, AZ. 85011
North of Indian School, between 7th & 12th Streets
Phone : (602) 686-3723
Email : DalenaW@musicandimagery.com
Website : http://www.musicandimagery.com/
Mailing Address:
Personal Journeys/Dalena Watson
P.O. Box 7007
Phoenix, AZ. 85011
Highly recommended by one of our site users who has her for a therapist. GBLT affirming. Dalena provides individual and group counseling and music therapy sessions based on each person's needs. Individual sessions may address mental health issues, grief, current life stressors/transitions, relationships, trauma, gay/lesbian, transgender/transsexual, creativity, and/or personal growth.


Ralph Hyman, Ed.D.
The Psychotherapy Center
210 S. Pulaski
Little Rock, AR. 72201
Phone : (501) 374-3605

Margaret Morgan-Cohen, LCSW
210 Pulaski St.
Little Rock, AR. 72201
Phone : (501) 255-0561
Website : http://www.margaretmorgancohen.com

Gender therapist in Little Rock, Arkansas working with Dr. Ralph Hyman.


Lisette R. Lahana, LICSW (MA), LCSW (CA, pending)
Psychotherapy, Consultation & Training
2512 Telegraph Ave #340
Berkeley, CA. 94704
Office Phone : 1 (800) 928-9085
Email : LisetteLahana@yahoo.com
Website : http://www.LisetteLahana.com

Lawrence M. Tunis, Ed.D., LMFT.
130 Greenfield Avenue, Suite A
San Anselmo, CA 94960
Phone : (415) 847-3677
Website : http://www.larrytunis.com/

Leal Abbott, LCSW, BCD
827 North Street
Woodland, CA. 95695
Phone : (530) 908-3377
Fax : (530) 668-8160
Email : lealabbott@yahoo.com

Dr. Barbara Anderson
1537 Franklin St, Ste. 104
San Francisco, CA 94109
Phone : (415) 776-0139

Rebecca Auge, Ph.D.
3637 Grand Avenue, Suite C
Oakland, CA. 94610
Phone : (510) 835-9820
Email : RebecaAuge@aol.com
Clinical Psychologist working with patients on gender issues, gender dysphoria, crossdressing, gender role transition, couples issues, child abuse, dysfunctional family histories, among others. Member of HBIGDA, uses Standards of Care, a sliding scale fee.

Koen Keri Baum, LMFT
3896 24th St.
San Francisco, CA. 94114
Phone : (415) 646-0565
Email : juicylucyfish@msn.com
Koen is a transman himself, and is a gender specialist as well as a couples therapy and communication expert. Works with both couples and individuals on a variety of issues including: gender identity; Butch/Femme identity, S/M and other expressions of sexuality; transition; transitioning within a couple; and transgender sexuality. Also addresses concerns around problem solving, anger management, spirituality, loss and self-esteem. Has an in-depth awareness around Ethnic and cultural diversity and when working with clients take into consideration how "isms" in its many forms may affect each individual.

Richard F. Docter, Ph.D.
California State University, Northridge
17162 Sunburst Street
Northridge, CA. 91325
Phone : (818) 349-9709
Email : RichDOCTER@aol.com

Davis Fleming, M.F.C.C.
6010 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 307
Los Angeles, CA. 90036
Phone : (323) 960-5275
Email : dflem55806@aol.com
Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor. Individual, family and group counseling. Therapy group for transsexuals meets every other week. Specializes in transgenderism.

Lin Fraser, Ed.D.
2538 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
Phone : (415) 922-9240
Email : linfraser@aol.com

Max E. Fuentes Fuhrmann, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist CA License PSY11422
Gender Concerns
3625 East Thousand Oaks Blvd. Suite 119
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
Phone : (805) 496-4442
420 South Beverly Drive Suite 100-14
Beverly Hills, CA. 90212
Phone : (310) 772-0710
Email : gerophd1@verizon.net

Gender & Self Acceptance Program
P.O. Box 424447
San Francisco, CA 94142
Phone : (415) 558-8058
A private personal growth-counseling program providing individual, couple, and small group sessions focusing on gender, self & social acceptance, whole-self integration, coming-out, cross-dressing, HIV concerns, and ACA/ Co-dependency issues. Short & long term counseling, small group support and quarterly weekend workshops focusing on gender & acceptance/ integration issues. Sliding scale fee. Serving TSs, TVs, and other minorities. Provide professional counseling & training.

Gender Wellness of Los Angeles
Phone : (310) 441-0411 x2
Website : http://www.genwell.org/
Psychiatry and psychotherapy. Experienced with the Transgendered community.

Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association
P.O. Box 1718
Sonoma, CA. 95476
Phone : (707) 938-2871
Resource for professionals who work with gender dysphoric persons. Established the 'Standards of Care', the international guideline for the treatment of gender dysphoria.

William A. Henkin, Ph.D.
1801 Bush Street, Suite 111
San Francisco, CA. 94109
Phone : (415) 923-1150
Psychotherapist and board certified sex therapist specializing in work with adults living alternative sex and gender lifestyles. Gender identity concerns and transitions, SM/DS/BD, infantilism, sexual orientation included. Individuals, significant others, couples.

Marie Keller, M.A., M.F.C.C.
Los Angeles Gender Center
1923-1/2 Westwood Boulevard, Suite 2
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Phone : (310) 475-8880

Los Angeles Gender Center
1923 1/2 Westwood Boulevard, Suite 2
Los Angeles, CA. 90025
Website : http://www.lagendercenter.com
Marie Keller, MFT,
Elise Turen, Ph.D.,
Amanda Silvestri, MA, C.A.S.
Phone : (310) 475-8880
Arlen Ring, Ph.D.
Phone : (818) 999-0581
Maureen Morrissey, MFT
Phone : (310) 625-8003
Child and Adolescent Support Team
Amy Padnick, MFT
Phone : (310) 475-6354
Susan Landon, MFT
Phone : (310) 395-9095
LAGC is a collaborative of mental health professionals who provide treatment for individuals and their families dealing with gender-related issues. Individual, family, group therapy and educational services related to CD / TS / lesbian / gay / bisexual issues. Screening session with psychotherapist needed. Since 1992 the Los Angeles Gender Center has been helping people who wish to explore their gender identity in a safe and non-judgmental environment. We provide individual, group and family counseling to adults, adolescents, and children.

June Martin, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Ph.D. Human Sexuality, L.M.F.T.
215 North San Mateo Drive, Suite #2
San Mateo, CA 94401
Phone : (650) 348-4835
Email : junephd@ix.netcom.com
Website : http://www.junemartintherapy.com Dr. June Martin is an ASSECT board certified sex therapist, has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality, and is an L.M.F.T with over 20 years experience in sexy therapy and psychotherapy with a specialty in transgender issues. Dr. Martin uses her advanced expertise to collaborate with clients on the goals and tasks of resolving a persons specific sexual and psychological concerns.

Christine Milrod, MA, MFT
519 North La Cienega Blvd., Suite 209
West Hollywood, CA 90048
Phone : (310) 281-9658

The Prince Institute
Angela Prince, PhD., Director
P. O. Box 2916
Palm Springs, CA 92263
A private transgender awareness center offering counseling, education, and support services. Individual and/or group counseling primarily for the cross-dresser/transvestite and/or his significant other. Trans-gender, human sexuality, and personal development classes, seminars, and workshops are also available. Services may be conducted through office visits, by telephone, or correspondence.

Arlen Ring, Ph.D.
Los Angeles Gender Center
20501 Ventura Blvd., Suite 395
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Phone : (818) 999-0581
Email : Arlen@ArlenRing.com
Website : http://www.ArlenRing.com

Amanda Silvestri, M.A.
Los Angeles Gender Center
1923 1/2 Westwood Blvd. Suite 2
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Phone : (310) 475-8880, ext. 4
Email : ASLive@aol.com
MFCC Registered Intern, long time transsexual advocate, educator, lecturer, and author. Founder of the American Transsexual Education Center. My many years of both personal and professional experience can only work to your advantage. Brother, Sister, TS, TG, TV, or CD, let's work together for a life that works, the way you want it.

Brad Taylor, M.A.
Offices of Jerome Rabow, Ph.D.
10350 Santa Monica Blvd.
Suite 310
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Phone : (310) 576-5455
Registered Marriage Family Child Counselor Intern. Works with couples and individuals on issues related to transsexualism and crossdressing.

Tenderloin Self-Help Center
191 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone : (415) 554-0518
We are an innovative, non-traditional mental health program. We are a project of Central City Hospitality House. Training in peer counseling, support group facilitation, job training. We offer peer counseling, TS/TS support groups, A.A., shelter referrals and emergency medical care referrals, and other basic survival needs. We serve the Tenderloin/'South of Market' communities of San Francisco.

Transgender Counseling and Research Center
4545 Park Boulevard, Suite 207
San Diego, CA 92116
Phone : (619) 542-0088 ext. 1
Program for those in transition, their friends and relatives. Follows Harry Benjamin Standards of Care. Psychotherapy, psychological testing, referrals, group psychotherapy, TS support group, TV support group, family and friends support group.

Gorden L. Ulrey, Ph.D.
433 F Street
Davis, CA 95616
Phone : (530) 756-0276

Carl R. Viesti, Jr., Ph.D.
3720 Sunset Lane, Suite D
Antioch, CA 94509
Phone : (510) 778-1444

Anne Vitale, Ph.D.
D Street Counseling Group
610 D Street
San Rafael, CA. 94901
Phone : (415) 456-4452
Email : avitale@nbn.com
Website : http://www.avitale.com/
Psychotherapist specializing in gender- related issues. Counseling Psychologist. Post-op TS (Jan. 1980). In private practice since 1984. Member of HBIGDA and Bay Area Gender Associates. I provide complete pre- and post-op psychotherapy, and make recommendations for hormonal therapy and sex reassignment surgery when applicable. Gender issues group work available and recommended.

Jill Yeomans, M.A., M.F.C.C.
1018 Garden Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Email : jillyeom@silcom.com
Phone : (805) 963-5727

Steve Toby, MA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Retired Dec 31,2008

Joseph M. Amico, M.Div., CAS, LISAC
2526 Hyperion Avenue, Suite 4
Los Angeles, CA. 90027
Phone : (818) 502-2271
Email : Joecd1@aol.com
Sliding fee scale.

Sand Chang Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist – PSY 22098
2000 Hearst Ave. Ste. 205
Berkeley, CA. 94704
Second Address :
18 Chenery Street
San Francisco, CA. 94131
Phone : (510) 686-5000
Email : drsandchang@hushmail.com
Website : http://www.sandchang.com
Areas of emphasis include: transgender and gender variant individuals and their partners, gender variant people of color, alternative relationships, eating disorders, addictions, kink/BDSM-affirmative, poly-affirmative, and social justice oriented psychotherapy.

Helen Hill, MA MFTI
2211 Corinth Avenue, #203
Los Angeles, CA. 90064
Phone : (310) 779-7795
Email : helen@helen-hill.com
Website : http://www.helen-hill.com
"I am a psychotherapist in LA. I work with TS/TG/CD clients and have been doing so for quite some time."

Myles Downes, MA, IMF 45242
San Francisco, CA.
Phone : (415) 835-2106
Email : info@mylesdownes.com
Website : http://www.mylesdownes.com
"I'm a gay male therapist in San Francisco who specializes in working with trans clients, mostly FTM's and those who identify as "gender queer", but also some MTF's. I've been working with trans clients since 1996, and was the founder of the first ever "transgender parents support group" in 1998."

Susan R. Bernstein, MFT
Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC39523)
3841 - 24th Street
San Francisco, CA. 94114
2991 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 301
Berkeley, CA 94705
Phone : (415) 282-7447
"I have been working with transgender clients for ten years. I also enjoy working with parents of gender variant children. I'm interested in the full spectrum of expression and experiences."

Valerie Igl, MFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
PO Box 453
El Cerrito, CA. 94530
Phone : (510) 527-5662 x3
Email : VALIGL@earthlink.net
Website : http://www.FeministTherapyAssociates.com
"What I love about my work is helping my clients get out of pain, solve problems, and manifest their true selves. I’m a passionate ally for transgender folks, working with all sexual orientations and genders, as well as the kink and poly communities. I ran a Transgender Support Group for over 2 years, and have provided trainings for providers and the community on transgender issues since 2003. About 40% of my clients are trans or intersex youth and adults. I help people cope with disabilities, and recover from abuse, addictions, and sexual difficulties. Clients tell me they love my tranquil garden setting, and appreciate my interactive, results-oriented style. I can help you heal issues from the past, and resolve present-day problems, using highly effective holistic techniques like EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). I offer both brief and long-term work with teens, adults, families and couples, as well as phone sessions for California residents. I have over 30 years experience, and I won Impact Bay Area’s 2007 Healing Advocate Award. My scent-free ground floor office is near El Cerrito Plaza BART. To make therapy affordable, I accept Medi-Cal and have a generous sliding scale, with even lower fees possible for afternoons. I also offer the option to meet weekly for a month, and then decide together whether every other week sessions are right for you. Call for a FREE half hour phone consultation to talk about how I can meet your needs."

Suzanne E. Rapley, Ph.D.
115 West Arrellaga Street
Santa Barbara, CA. 93101
Phone : (805) 963-3329 (office)
Email : srapley@cox.net
Licensed Psychologist. AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. Diplomate, AASECT Certified Supervisor. practicing for 30 years.

Roxanne Cherry
Laguna Niguel Counseling Center
30011 Ivy Glenn Drive, Suite #220
Laguna Niguel, CA. 92677
Phone: (949) 228-2844
Email : rcherry5@cox.net
Website : http://www.lagunaniguelcounseling.com/

Sue Boyd, LCSW
2667 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 301-13
San Diego, CA. 92108
Phone : (619) 318-9818
Email : sboydlcsw@gmail.com
"I work with individuals on issues of gender identity, transitioning, being gender queer, and transgender sexuality. I also work with parents of gender variant children."

Laura Goldberger, MFT
Office Locations in Berkeley, CA. & San Francisco, CA.
Phone : (510) 665-7755
Email : laura@lauragoldberger.com
Website : http://lauragoldberger.com/
"I am a psychotherapist experienced with MTF and FTM and genderqueer individuals, couples, parents, and children. I specialize in transition and family issues. I am polyamory and kink aware, with a social justice perspective. Please see my website for more info."

Dr. Lori A. Jespersen, Psy.D
Phone : (707) 328-1268 between 9:00am PST and 4:00pm PST
(Every effort will be made to return inquiries from the Midwest / East coast promptly, though an initial e-mail may provide the quickest response time. Thank You!)
Email : drljespersen@gmail.com
Website : http://www.virtualcouchtherapy.com
A few pages from Lori's Website : Transgender Page the practice of Teletherapy Explained Lori's California Clinician License California Consumer Notice and the Price List
"I am a licensed clinical Psychologist in California, offering online, web-based positive/affirming psychotherapy to the transgender community. My work includes both private practice and work amongst incarcerated transgender individuals. Sliding Scale Fee Available."


Gender Identity Center Of Colorado
3895 Upham Street, Suite 040
Wheat Ridge, CO. 80033
Phone : (303) 202-6466
Email : info@gicofcolo.org
Website : http://www.gicofcolo.org/
The Gender Identity Center of Colorado, Inc., (GIC) is a non-profit corporation organized in 1978 and incorporated in June 1980. The organization was formed to provide support to transsexuals, or those people who cross dress, or are non- traditional in their gender identity. The Center is also an informational and educational resource to the community at large. The GIC is available to anyone, male or female, who can benefit from its services or resources, including spouses and significant others, parents, and siblings. We provide support to those who are, or think they may be, transgendered or those who are the significant others (wives/husbands, boy/girlfriends, or family members) of a person who is transgender. We have a variety of resources available at the center from books and magazines to resources in the community to help everyone, no matter where they fall in the gender spectrum. We do this by offering several meetings per week from open meetings where anyone can attend to more focused groups for those in transition, cross dress or are the significant others of a transgendered person. We also do our best to protect your identity. We do this by having some rules that we ask everyone who attends the center to follow. In order to provide this service, we do ask for nominal door fees from both members and non-members utilizing our services.

Barney Alexander Ph.D
8790 W. Colfax Ave.#250
Lakewood, Colorado 80215-4092
Phone : 303-234-0827
Comes highly recommended.

Kirsten Akse, Psy.D., P.C.
Clinical Psychologist
2411 N. Talon St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Phone : (719) 471-2120

Daugherty & Associates
Sharon F. Daugherty, II, J.D., M.A.
Voice Mail : (303) 754-7737
Fax : (303) 366-5321
Email : SDaughe745@aol.com
All transgendered issues nationally. One-time only sex reassignment surgery, secondary referral letters, as required by surgeons. Must have met primary therapist and endocrinology requirements and received primary letters. Release of medical information required for review and endorsement. Also specializes in employer/employee dispute resolutions regarding cross-dressing in the workplace.

Institute for Gender Study and Treatment
Tomye Kelley, M.A.
P.O. Box 126
Arvada, CO 80001
Phone : (303) 420-9885
Office : (303) 431-9793
Fax : (303) 425-1649
Email : Tkkelley@aol.com
Practice limited to work with CDs, the gender conflicted, and their significant others. Private one-on-one psychotherapy, weekly support groups, process groups for those in or preparing for transition. Professional Speakers' Forum.

Kaiser Permanente (for Kaiser Permanente Members only) no longer available
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Jane Rutledge, Ph.D.
236 N. Washington
P.O. Box 1902
Monument, CO 80132
Phone : (719) 481-1660
Fax: (719) 481-2026
Email : rJane@pcisys.net

Rachael St.Claire PsyD
Licensed Psychologist
Boulder Colorado 80303
Phone : (720) 220-5770
Website : http://www.TransgenderSoul.com
Email : RachaelStClaire@TransgenderSoul.com
Psychotherapy and mental health evaluations for transgendered men and women according to the HBIGDA Standards of Care. Referrals to qualified physicians for hormonal therapy, and genital surgery.

Deb Ann Thompson, Ph.D., NCACII, CACIII
2755 S. Locust Street, Suite #207
Denver, CO 80222
Phone : (303) 758-6634

Laura Thor, MSW, LCSW
1979 W. Littleton Blvd
Littleton, CO 80120
Phone : (720) 283-3933
Email : LThorLcsw@comcast.net
Website : http://www.LauraThorCounseling.com
Laura offers a warm and relaxed approach in her Victorian office. She presents at the Goldrush each year on trans-theology. If you like, Laura can bring a sacred dimension to the work together from a place of grounded yet liberal spirituality. She is a wholisitically oriented therapist who looks at you as not just a trans person but wholly. She was once wed to her now-best-friend, and is able to help you sort out what kind of relationship you and your family might have as you transition. Some insurances accepted.

Karen Whitfield Scarpella, LSW
2755 S. Locust Street #208
Denver, CO. 80602
Phone : (303) 912-6195
Email : KarenScarpella@gmail.com
Website (in process of being built) : http://www.KarenScarpella.com
"I am a licensed therapist working in Denver and Brighton Colorado and have been involved with the gender community for over 10 years now."

Jayme L. Peta, MA
3393 Iris Ave., Suite 208
Boulder, CO. 80301
Phone : (720) 318-8018
Email : http://www.jaymepeta.com
Website : http://www.qyip.org
A note from Jayme: "I'm a professional psychotherapist in Boulder, Colorado who works with LGBTQ youth, young adults and adults. I have had years of experience working with and for the health of trans and gender-queer young people including being on an advisory panel to a health clinic that was setting up a trans-friendly & knowledgeable clinic for trans youth to access health care & hormones."

Dr. Deb-Ann Thomson
2755 S. Locust St. #207
Denver, CO. 80222
Phone : (303) 758-6634
Email : wildinsights@msn.com

Tania Henderson, M.A., NCC, L.P.C.
Side by Side Counseling LLC
4251 Kipling, Suite 150
Wheat Ridge, CO. 80033
Phone : (303) 915-5597
Website : http://www.sbscounseling.com

Phyllis Tainey, LCSW, CAC III
3 Locations
Boulder, Longmont, Denver
Phone : (303) 776-6376

Beth S. Smith, M.A.
Psychotherapist & Personal Coach
The Arbor House
2043 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO. 80304
Phone : (303) 444-1558
Email : bethsmith4@comcast.net

Alan Robarge
Phone : (303) 575-5665

Neil Cannon, Ph.D
Doctor of Human Sexualtiy
Sex Therapist, Gender Specialitst & Couples Counselor
50 South Steele St, Suite 377
Denver, CO. 80209
Phone : (303) 670.5600
Email : neil@doctorcannon.com
Website : http://www.healingsavants.com/
Blog : http://doctorcannon.wordpress.com/


Gender Identity Clinic of New England (GICNE)
Kathleen M. Sterner, Ph.D, Board President and Director
2446 Albany Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06117
Phone: (860) 232-2740
Provides screening for pre-operative TS applicants desirous of hormone therapy and for sex reassignment surgery approval for pre-operative TSs who have met the requirements of the Harry Benjamin international Gender Dysphoria Association's Standards of Care.

Gary E. Alger, M.Div., LADC, CEAP
Counseling Psychotherapy EAP
670 Prospect Avenue
Hartford, CT. 06105
Phone : (860) 233-4022
Cell : (860) 309-7655
Email : garyalger@sbcglobal.net
Adults, Adolescents, & Families. Recovery, Relationships & Growth. (Gary wished it known that while not specifically an expert on Transgender Issues, he is willing to help with a listening ear. (He is highly recommended by Monica_Jennifer Chat Supervisor and Site VP.)

Irwin Kreiger, LCSW
New Haven, CT.
Phone : (203) 776-1966
Transgender Expertise

Peter Papallo, LCSW
Wheeler Clinic
Plainville, CT.
Phone : (860) 793-3799
Transgender Expertise

Robin Hoberg, Ph.D.
Vernon, CT.
Phone : (860) 870-1144
Transgender Expertise

Lisa Ciorciari, MA, LPC
West Hartford, CT.
Phone : (860) 236-3649
Transgender Expertise

Elaine Knowlden, LCSW
West Hartford, CT. & New Britain, CT.
Phone : (860) 570-4800
Phone : (860) 236-3649
Transgender Expertise. (Adolescents&Adults)

Laura A. Dukes Vitti, LPC
(significant others)
in W. Hartford, CT
Phone : (860) 561-8604 ext.1

Patricia A. Romano, B.A., M.A., Life Coach
Phone : (203) 599-1311
Voicemail : (203) 634-7751
Cell: (203) 641-7471 (emergency)
Email : patty.a.romano@gmail.com or Email : pcom1@cox.net
Gender Specialist working with non-conforming gender variant individuals: transgender, transsexual, transvestic, gay and lesbian. Other areas of interest and care include general clinical counseling for depression, anxiety, grief, loss, bereavement, relationships, self-esteem and self-awareness and gerontology. Internships were conducted at the Institute of Living, Rushford Center and Wheeler Clinic. Projects currently working on -- creating courses/curriculum in transgenderism and transsexualism; developing workshops, seminars and presentations for the medical/helping professions and local organizations; providing education and awareness within the transgender / transsexual / transvestic communities; and establishing trans aware/friendly medical environments. Organizations include the CT Outreach Society (COS), WPATH, ACA and the APA Div. 44 Task Force. Private practice encompasses a wide array of services for the "T" community including feminization programs to assist MtFs in transition. One program, "Being Femme" teaches color, style, posture and presentation. This program helps individuals learn to work WITH their body shape, age and proportion, while building confidence and self-esteem. Groups for couples are conducted once a month. Traditional "face to face" appointments, phone sessions and interactive web counseling is available.


Jill Gaumer, LCSW-C
523 Capitol Trail Rd
Newark, DE
Phone: 302-354-0074
Website : http://www.jgcounseling.com/
Email : jgcounseling@aol.com

District of Columbia

Uzi Ben-ami, Ph.D.
Metro Washington
Phone : (301) 424-1941

Dr. Carol Denniston, Ph.D.
Phone : (202) 364-1575 ext. 3
Very highly recommended.

Dr. Christine Y. Henny, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
1226 31st Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20007
Phone : (202) 333-8311
She has an office in Washington DC and in Bethesda, Maryland. She works with all kinds of people including TG and LesBiGay folk from DC, MD and VA.

Michael A. Giordano, LICSW
1555 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 4E
Washington, DC. 20036
Phone : (202) 460-6384
Fax : (202) 483-4243
Email : mike.giordano.msw@gmail.com
Website : http://www.WhatIHearYouSaying.com
Psychotherapy for individuals, couples, families, and adolescents.
"I'm a psychotherapist in Washington, DC who's educated and informed about transgendered identities."

Pamela E. Marcus, RN, MS, CS-P
14460 Old Mill Road, Suite 201
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
Phone : (301) 952-9286
Email : MARCUSRN@aol.com
Specialties are in gender issues, suicide, and childhood sexual abuse survivors.


Jennifer McBlaine MA, RMHCI
Diplomate, American Board of Clinical Sexology
Professional Counseling Centers of Sarasota/Manatee
1808 Orchid Street
Sarasota, FL 34239
Phone : (941) 951-0548
Email : jennifer@sextherapysarasota.com
Website : http://www.sextherapysarasota.com

A Clinical Approach Counseling Center, Inc.
Coral Springs, FL
Marcia L. Schults, Psy.D., Clinical Director.
Clinical psychologist working with patients on gender issues, gender dysphoria, crossdressing, gender role transition, couple therapy, evaluation for hormone therapy and surgery. Actively involved in TS and TV support groups. Also work with gay and lesbian issues.
Phone : (305) 345-2292

Coral Schlosberg Arvon, Ph.D.
LMFT, LCSW, ABS Board Certified Sex Therapist
2999 N.E. 191st Street, Suite #703
Aventura, FL
Phone : (305) 936-8000
Fax : (305) 936-0419
E-mail : corarv@aol.com
Board certified sex therapist - 18 yrs. exp.

Brenda Carlson
22 W. Lake Beauty Drive, Suite 202
Orlando, FL 32806
Phone : (561) 372-0736

Center For Contemporary Counseling
2999 N.E. 191 St., Suite 607 Aventura, FL 3318
Coral L. Schlosberg, Ph.D., LCSW, LMFT
Board Certified Sex Therapist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Clinical psychotherapist who has been working for fourteen years with gender identity issues. The center is now starting a group for TV/TS. Individual and group therapy.
Phone : (305) 936-8000

Daylight of Tampa Bay
Tampa, FL
Ask for Donna if you can't get anywhere, or feel uncomfortable with the main switchboard.
TG therapy available, with a possible support group in the future.
Florida Chapter Montgomery Institute, Inc.

Kathleen L. Farrell, Ph.D.
5545 62nd Avenue North
Pinellas Park, FL 33781
Email : Dr.Farrell@tgtherapist.com
Works exclusively with the the Transgender community . Counsels Transgender individuals (providing letters/referrals, as appropriate, during the transition process) and couples, their significant others and families. Works with parents who have children experiencing gender dysphoria. Fee on a sliding scale.
"As always, I am on a sliding scale--actually sliding scale does not accurately describe my fee structure--my patients tell me what they can afford--transition is costly and I believe the primary concern in therapy should be addressing the issue(s) and not how to pay for it".

Gender Congruity Center
9960 Center Park Blvd. South, #404
Boca Raton, FL 33428

Dr. Lawrence Levy
Licensed Psychologist PY 7159
Lawrence J. Levy, Psy.D., P.A.
398 Camino Gardens Boulevard, Suite 207
Boca Raton, Florida 33432
Voice: (561) 210-5125
Voice: (954) 495-8749
Fax: (954) 495-8750
Website : http://www.levypsychology.com/
I am a Florida Licensed Clinical Psychologist. I have experience
working with Gay and Lesbian patients, including gay adolescents, who
were dealing with such issues as identity, orientation, and family issues.

William Granzig, Ph.D.
3200 NE 36th St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
Phone : (954) 390-0878
Email : drgranzig@aol.com
Affiliated with AASECT, HBIGDA, SEICUS, American Academy of Clinical Sexologists, American Board of Sexology. Twenty years experience with gender issues.

Gerald J. Holden, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
2531 Landmark Drive, Suite 203
Clearwater, FL 33761
Phone : (727) 725-8881

Deborah Huntley, Ph. D., C.A.P.
1608 Oak Street
Sarasota, FL 34236
Phone : (941) 366-2442
Debra is a Licensed Psychologist, Certified Addictions Professional, AASECT Certified Supervisor, and Licensed Sex Therapist

Adele Kates & Associates, P.A.
1 N.E. 168th Street
North Miami Beach, FL 33162
Certified and Licensed Speech Pathologist. Adele Kates, Director
Transitional voice change and gender identity. Includes: body language, make-up, fashion, hair styling, female communications patterns. By appointment.
Phone : (305) 651-6442

Elsa Orlandini, Psy.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist
1111 Lincoln Road, Suite 400
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
Phone : (305) 934-6026
Website : http://www.DrOrlandini.com

Anagloria Mora, Ph.D., LMHC, CCS
6861 S.W. 51 Street
Miami, Florida 33155
Phone : (305) 333-2263
Email : acmora@bellsouth.net
Licensed Psychotherapist
Board Certified Clinical Sexologist
"I have a private practice in the South Miami, Florida area. I specialize in couples; individuals; gays and lesbians; transgenders; intimacy issues and sexual dysfunctions".

Lisa J. Moore L.M.H.C.
1732 Kingsley Avenue, Suite 1
Orange Park, FL. 32073
Phone : (904) 269-2931
"Specializing in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender issues. Have been working with the TG / TS population since 1991."

Blossom Paster, Counselor
28417 Trident Court
Wesley Chapel, FL. 33543
Phone : (813) 973-0987

Bonnie R. Saks, M.D.
Bonnie Saks & Associates
3333 West Kennedy Blvd.
Tampa, FL. 33609
Phone : (813) 354-9444

Marcia Schultz, Psy.D.
1801 University Drive, Suite 206
Coral Springs, FL. 33071
Phone : (954) 345-2292
Fax : (954) 345-8086
Email : docmarcia@mindspring.com

Libby A. Tanner, Ph.D., LCSW, LMFT
1800 Sunset Harbour Drive, #1012
Miami Beach, FL. 33139
Phone : (305) 538-4849
Email : LibbyArkin@aol.com
Therapist specializing in adult psychotherapy, sex and relationship therapy. Working with the gender community for over 25 years.

Marilyn Volker
1111 Venetia Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Phone/fax : (305) 443-8850
She works with Ari Kane of the Outreach Institute doing gender presentations

WestCare Florida provides licensed clinical counseling at no cost to the Transgender Community. We have a weekly support group and the first homeless shelter in Central Florida to admit pre-op Transgender people as there gender of choice. We are affiliated with the WestCare Foundation

Charles Martin, Ph.D.
3600 NW 43rd Street, E-4
Gainesville, FL. 32606
Phone : (352) 375-7756
Email : info@drcharlesmartin.com
Website : http://www.drcharlesmartin.com
Licensed psychologist provides counseling on issues of gender identity, gender expression, cross-dressing, balance/integration and transition with TG/TS/CD clients, partners and families. Provides letters / referrals as appropriate. Follows Harry Benjamin Standards of Care. Sliding scale fee available.

Mary G. Davenport, Ph.D.
1608 Oak Street
Sarasota, FL. 34236
Phone : (941) 366-3134
Fax : (941) 906-9528
Website : http://www.marygdavenportphd.com
"I have been working in this field since 1974 and provide individual and family therapy for trans folks and their families. I conduct a monthly support group. I am a member in good standing of WPATH."

Jennifer Sager, Ph.D.
225 SW 7th Terrace
Gainesville, FL. 32601
Phone : (352) 379-2827
Email : sageritm@aol.com
Website : http://www.jennifersager.com
Licensed psychologist provides counseling to gender variant / Transgender clients, partners and families. Provides letters / referrals as appropriate. Follows Harry Benjamin/WPATH Standards of Care. Member of WPATH since 2001. As an author, she has published The Psychology of Transgender, a book chapter featured in The New Goddess: Transgender Women in the Twenty-First Century (2006) and co-authored the book Becoming Multicultural Responsibility which became available in 2007. She enjoys assisting Transgendered individuals with adjustment and transition issues, as well as providing Transgendered training for businesses and organizations.

Dr. Carol Clark, PA
P.o. Box 530621
Miami, FL. 33153
Phone : (305) 891-1827
Phone : (305) 773-8785
Fax : (305) 892-7108
Email : drcarolclark@gmail.com
Website : http://www.drcarolclark.com/
"Telephone Counseling works well for many individuals, especially those living in areas where there are no therapists. I am Knowledgeable about this subject .. have worked successfully with transgendered clients in Alaska, Kansas, Tennessee, and many other states. Please contact me to explore this option. I have been supporting and working with transgendered individuals for several years. I facilitates a counseling group in Ft. Lauderdale that is open to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves or a loved one. I provide individual therapy for those people whose pain has become overwhelming, those who are transitioning, and those who have transitioned but are still in need of counseling and support. Some individuals are accepting of themselves but need help coping with their friends and families, who may have difficulty accepting that this is the same person they have always loved and cared about. Some transitioning people need to work with a therapist who will be able to write letters in order to obtain hormones, get a name change, be accepted at work, or have sex reassignment surgery. Some individuals have never been able to talk to anyone about their feelings and want to understand and explore more fully how to express themselves."


B.E. Budd, Ph.D.
699 B Piedmont Ave, NE
Atlanta, Ga. 30324
Phone : (404) 873-5517
Email : bebudd@bebuddphd.com
Website : http://bebuddphd.com/
Online Therapy Info : http://bebuddphd.com/contact.html
Online Therapy via Skype Web Cam and in office therapy.
"I am a clinical psychologist in private practice in Atlanta, Ga. I’ve been in practice since 1981. I am currently trying to make my services available to the trans community in my area."

Joel Bagby
7193 Douglas Blvd, Suite 205
Douglasville, GA. 30135
Phone : (404) 920-0551
Very professional. In his office in Douglasville on Mondays.

Montgomery Medical & Psychological Institute, Inc.
Montgomery Institute
P.O. Box 33311
Decatur, GA. 30033
Contact: Jerry or Lynn Montgomery.
Phone : (404) 603-9426
TS support group and professional services. Information distribution center for the southeast region. Monthly meetings, free professional referrals, speakers, training seminars, hot line, and an annual TS convention. Screening required of clients. Local professionals working with our members are screened.
Publishes: Monthly newsletter and Insight, a quarterly magazine for and about TSs.

James L. Powell, Ph.D.
Accord Psychological Associates
2333 Windy Hill Road
Marietta, GA. 30067
Phone : (770) 980-9323

Relationship Enrichment Center
1640 Powers Faeery Road
Building 28, Suite 350
Marietta, GA. 30067
Also run by Joel Bagby (see reference above).
Phone : (404) 955-7715
Fax : (404) 956-9325

Erin K. Swenson, Th.M., Ph.D.
Brookwood Exchange Building
1708 Peachtree Street, NW., Suite 505
Atlanta, GA. 30309
Phone : (404) 312-5677
Email : erin@erinswen.com
Website : http://www.erinswen.com/
Dr. Swenson is a licensed therapist, ordained minister, and transgendered woman who will counsel face-to-face or via phone. Also offers periodic day-long workshops. Erin works with couples in severe crisis, persons and families with physical and mental disabilities, individuals and couples with gender identity / sexuality issues, as well as spiritual issues in personal life. With her own transgender experience, Erin is especially capable of assisting with gender identity issues. She has extensive experience with gender transitions, couples and families with gender identity issues, and faith issues around the topic of gender identity.

Rebecca H. Wood, Ph.D.
Wood's Psychological Services, Inc.
2470 Windy Hill Road, Suite 217
Marietta, GA. 30067
Phone : (770) 952-4503
Fax : (770) 951-8930
Email : RHolcombeW@aol.com
Licensed psychologist. Short-term therapy / evaluation. Works with adults & adolescents covering gay issues, gender issues, and survival of sexual abuse.

Alan Yorker, M.A.
1708 Peachtree St.
Atlanta, GA. 30309
Phone : (404) 874-1708

Michael S. McGarry, Ph.D, P.C.
Ridgeview Institute, Professional Building South, Suite 1
4015 South Cobb Drive
Smyrna, GA. 30080
Phone : (770) 435-5453
Website : http://www.atlantatherapist.com


Connie Brinton-Diamond, Ph.D.
1350 South King (Suite 325)
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
Mobile : (808) 341-4346
Home Phone & Answering Machine : (808) 732-4357


Scott Woodhead, LCSW
788 Eastland Dr.
Twin Falls, ID. 83301
Phone : (208)734-1281

Christienne "Chris" Mclure, M.A.
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Office: Taylor Hall
MS 1720
Boise State University
Boise, ID.
Phone: (208) 426-3582
Email : cmorse@boisestate.edu
Website : http://www.boisestate.edu/healthservices/counseling/staff.asp
Chris is very helpful, open and compassionate in her beliefs and is very helpful to the transgender and lgb community, specifically University-based, but not limited.


Ronald B. Baron, M.D.
2120 Sheridan Road
Highland Park, IL. 60035
Phone : (708) 432-7007
Private practice of psychiatry, Medical psychotherapy; sex therapy; psychiatric consultations.

Randi Ettner, Ph.D.
1214 Lake Street
Evanston, IL. 60201
Phone : (708) 328-3433
Clinical psychologist specializing in gender dysphoria, and professionally associated with Eugene Schrang, MD in Wisconsin. Preoperative evaluations, pre- and postoperative counseling for transition and beyond.

Beatriz Ledesma, ME.d., M.A.A.T., R.M.T., LCPC
1242 W. Winnemac St.
Chicago, IL. 60640
Phone : (773) 561-0825
Bilingual (Spanish/English)- bicultural clinical counselor, art therapist and Reiki master teacher who specializes in gender dysphoria, pre-and postoperative counseling for transition and beyond. Her knowledge of alternative modalities of treatment, such as Reiki (hands-on healing), meditation, relaxation, and yoga makes therapy a complete approach for the person in transition.
Recommended by Ray (available at raybear@livejournal.com)

John D Moore LCPC, CADC

Michael Levins, Ph.D.
19815 Governors Hwy.
P.O. Box 418, Suite 8
Flossmoor, IL. 60422
Phone : (708) 798-2490
8760 W. 159th St.
Orland Park, IL. 60462
License clinical psychologist with nearly 20 years experience working with transsexuals. I am a member of the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association.

Susan O'Dell, Ph.D.
1422 W. Thome St.
Chicago, IL. 60660
Phone : (773) 262-7010

Laura L. Grimes, LCSW
4753 N. Broadway, Suite 608
Chicago, IL. 60640
Phone : (773) 659-9207
Email : laura_grimes@sbcglobal.net
Licensed Clinical Social Worker with private practice in Chicago. She has done extensive work with people who identify as transgender and know how difficult it can be for people to find knowledgeable suippport. She is training in sex therapy techniques and works with individuals around relationship issues, pre and post transition issues and those who are trying to decide how they would like to transition. She is available for phone and in person sessions. Some insurances are accepted. She offers a sliding scale fee.

Linda Wetherbe, Ed.D.
33125 No. Highway 45
Wildwood, IL 60030-0329
Phone : (847) 223-6123
Email : lwetherbe@netwurx.net
Therapeutic Services - Gender issues. Works with Gender related issues on an Individual, Group or Partner Basis. Located in the Northeastern IL area and is easily accessible to Southeastern WI Residents. By Appointment only.

Michelle Emerick, Psy.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist /Youth Program Specialist
Howard Brown Health Center
North Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL. 60613
Phone : (773) 388-8903
Fax : (773) 388-8689
"I currently work at Howard Brown Health Clinic in Chicago. Howard Brown is the midwest's largest health center serving the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered community. feel free to check out our website at : http://www.howardbrown.org. I began my work with the Transgendered community during my graduate training years and my research focused on documenting the gender experiences of my participants and considering how therapists could be more open to gender experiences. i have been working with the Trans community for about 5 years now and enjoy my work very much. I know a lot of my clients hear of me by word-of-mouth. but, they also report many attempts to access an understanding and open therapist by looking online and are frustrated by the small lists for their area and the typically high costs of private practice therapists. One aspect of Howard Brown that is especially helpful to my clients is that we offer a sliding fee scale, which means we match the fee to their income. So money is no longer a deterrent to access the support that everyone should be entitled to. In addition, at Howard Brown, I work with a number of other highly supportive therapists who have experience supporting the Trans community."

Jim Cosenza, LCSW, CADC
4753 North Broadway, Suite 608
Chicago, IL. 60640
Phone : (773) 633-6643
Email : jim@jimcosenza.com
Website : http://www.jimcosenza.com
"Supportive counseling and psychotherapy for gay, lesbian, bi, queer, and trans persons and their families. Credentialed with Medicare and a large number of private mental health care providers and EAPs. Specialties in identity, relationships, chronic illness, mood and anxiety disorders, grief and loss, and addictions. Development of psychotherapy group for women whose husbands and partners are transitioning from male to female."


Michele O'Mara, LCSW
660 South High School Road
Indianapolis, IN. 46241
Phone : (317) 517-.0065
TG Counseling : http://omaram.hypermart.net/TGhome.htm
Email : michele@micheleomara.com
I practice in Indianapolis, IN and I have worked with over a hundred TG folks dating back to 1994 and ranging in age from 15 to 65. I am a member of HBGDIA and I follow the Standards of Care.

Iowa Sorry, no listngs


CD Research Center
Rebecca Gail Croslove
418 Linn Street
Leavenworth, KS. 66048-3437

Dr. Dale R. Neaman, Ph.D.
240 N. Rock Road
Wichita , KS. 67206
Phone : (316) 683-3841
Knowledgeable about what resources are available in the area (as in working with endocrinologists and psychiatrists).

Michael Baker, MFT
Reach Marriage and Family Therapy Center
8921 W 21st N #101
Wichita, KS. 67205
Phone : (316) 773-7323
Email : mbakerreach@gmail.com
"I am a therapist (MFT) in Wichita, KS. I am very interested in working with the transgender community."


Diann B. Klug, LMFT
1021 Majestic Drive, Suite 100
Lexington, KY. 40513
Phone: (859) 278-1085
Fax: (859) 278-1086

Dr. Weeks retired


Carlo Cuneo, LCSW
3080 Teddy Drive, Suite A
Baton Rouge, LA. 70809
Phone/Fax : (225) 923-8255
Email : ccuneo@juno.com

Lynn Friedman, PhD, LPC, NCC
4721 Loveland Street
Metairie, LA. 70006
Phone : (504) 455-6569

Mimi Jalenak, LCSW, BAS
6221 S Claiborne # 200
New Orleans, LA. 70125-4142

Susan Josephson, LCSW
Phone : (504) 482-9800

Terry Mayers, MEd, BCSW
1412 Thalia St, NOLA
Phone : (504) 524-5973

Paul Voorhies, MSW, LCSW
201 Evans Rd, Suite 102
Phone : (504) 818-1515


Maine Gender Resource and Support Service
c/o Jean Churchill
P.O. Box 1894
Bangor, ME. 04402-1894
Volunteer organization working to provide information, referrals, and support to Maine's transgendered community, and education about gender dysphoria to the public. NOT a support group.

Outreach Institute of Gender Studies
126 Western Ave., Ste. 246
Augusta, ME 04330
Ariadne Kane, Director
Conferences and workshops on gender issues, Gender Attitude Reassessment Program (GARP) for health care professionals, clinical supervision for sex educators and counselors, Fantasia Fair, speakers' bureau for meetings and conferences, seminars for couples.
Phone : (207) 621-0858
Publishes: Journal of Gender Studies, information packets, publications, annotated catalogue


Counseling For Relationships
Rusty Lynn, BD, MSW, LCSW
4835 Del Ray Avenue
Bethesda, MD. 20814
Counseling for transgendered persons
Phone : (301) 652-6448

Jill Gaumer, LCSW Therapist
55 E. High Street
Elkton, MD 21921
Phone: 302-354-0074
Email : jgcounseling@aol.com
Website http://www.jgcounseling.com

Christine Henny, Ph.D.
104 Valley Road
Bethesda, MD. 20816
Phone : (202) 333-8311
She has an office in Washington, D.C. and in Bethesda, MD. She works with all kinds of people including TG and Lesbigay folk from DC, MD and VA

Rusty Lynn, LCSW
4835 Del Ray Avenue
Bethesda, MD. 20814
Phone : (301) 652-6448

Sexology Associates, Inc.
H. Martin Malin, Ph.D.,
2114 N Charles St., Ste 3
Baltimore, MD. 21218
Counseling for transgendered persons.
Phone : (410) 528-1638

Kate Thomas, Ph.D., RN
The Human Ecology Center
4419 Falls Road
Baltimore, MD. 21211
Phone : (410) 625-1095
Fax: (410) 366-0651


Dianne Ouellette, MSW, LICSW Psychotherapist
25 Donovans Way
Middleton, MA. 01949
Phone : (978) 304-0572
Email : Dianne@DianneOuellette.com
Website: http://www.dianneouellette.com
"I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been involved in the transgender community for over 15 years. I first started training with a psychologist who specializes in working with significant others, children and families of transgender people. I continued with workshops and trainings regarding transgender issues while working at a small mental health clinic. When I opened my own practice, I obtained additional extensive training/supervision from Diane Ellaborn, a seasoned therapist whose practice focuses on transgender therapy. I also continue to attend trainings on gender issues, read extensively, and consult with other gender therapist. I am also on the board of directors of North Shore Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Youth (NAGLY). NAGLY is a youth run group (ages 14 – 21) on Boston 's North Shore . Nagly provides a safe and supportive place for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered youth to come together, advocates for programs, policies and services for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth. I am also a member of (WPATH) World Professional Association for Transgender Health, formally called the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association (HBIGDA). I follow the WPATH’s standards of care for the evaluation and the treatment of transgendered individuals. I provide psychotherapy for CD/TS, transgender people and their significant others and family. I also provide letters for hormone therapy and 2nd letters for SRS.".

Cindy King, LICSW
76 Summer St. Suite 145
Fitchburg, MA. 01420
Phone : (978) 597-5246
Available for all LGBT clients with a special interest in military veterans

J. Michael Rowan, LICSW
in Greenfield, MA.
Phone : (413) 773-5420

Angela Rowan, LICSW
(special interest in significant others/family)
Greenfield, MA.
Phone : (413) 773-5420

Hannah Berenson, LICSW
in Northampton, MA.
Phone : (413) 586-7788

Grace Gibson, PhD
(for family or significant others)
in Easthampton, MA.
Phone : (413) 527-9193

Kerry Lusignan, MA, LMHC
(for family, couples or significant others)
in Northampton, MA
Phone : (413) 626-4707

Carole MacKenzie, LCSW (all ages)
in Hartford, CT.
Phone : (860) 231-7373

Manfred Melcher, LICSW
(individuals, families, couples, and significant others)
in Easthampton, MA.
Phone : (413) 529-9061

Zenaida (Sandy) Ortega (16 yrs and up) at Valley Psychiatric Services, Springfield, MA.
Phone : (413) 827-8959
To see Sandy ask for "Jessica" in the intake department and schedule a first appointment with Sandy.

Rebecca Rogovin, LICSW
in Easthampton, MA.
Phone : (413) 537-3795

Jason Rose-Langston, LICSW
(Adolescents, Adults, Families, and Couples)
in Easthampton, MA.
Phone : (413) 695-6633

Sara Shuff, MSW, LICSW
30 Merriam Street
Pittsfield , MA. 01201
Phone : (413) 358-3038
Website : http://www.affirmativecounseling.net
(ages 9 and up)(experience with FTMs)
"Aside from in-person counseling, I am also starting to offer e-counseling and phone counseling for people who are unable or not ready to meet with a therapist in person. I am aware that there are a lot of trans folks in places (like the military) where they are isolated and do not have access to a therapist who can help them in their gender journey. So I’m working on finding ways to make myself accessible to people that way as well. Affirmative Counseling specializes in providing therapy which celebrates and supports gender & sexuality diversity. We provide gender counseling, hormone/surgery recommendation letters, and support to people who are transgendered, transexual, intersexed, gender queer or questioning. We offer individual, couple, and family therapy. Office visits, outreach, telephone counseling and e-counseling."

Beth Tabor-Lev, PhD
in Northampton, MA
Phone : (413) 585-8611

Andrea Razi, LICSW
Psychological Care Associates
Arlington, Stoneham
Phone : (781) 646-0500 x236
Experience with GLBT Youth

Jennifer Thomas, LICSW
Commonwealth Center for Psychotherapy
Canton, MA.
Phone : (781) 828-1222 x22
Experience with GLBT Youth

Christine Becker, LICSW
341 Marrett Road (Rt 2A)
Lexington, MA. 02173
Phone : (781) 862-6170

Teresa (Terry) Buck, MSW
40 Webster Pl.
Brookline, MA.
Phone : (617) 232-3324

Alex Coleman, J.D., Ph.D.
246 Tappan Street
Brookline, MA. 02146
Phone : (617) 738-0463

Dr. Stan Ducharme
720 Harrison, Ave., Ste. 906 -- AT Boston Medical Center
Boston, MA. 02118
Phone : (617) 638-7358
Email : ducharme@bu.edu

Diane Ellaborn, LICSW
NASW Diplomate in Clinical Social Work
152 Edmands Rd.
Framingham, MA. 01701
Psychotherapist with more than 15 years' experience provides psychotherapy and divorce mediation for CD/TS, transgendered people and their spouses.
Phone : (508) 788-5406
Fax : (508) 788-7761

Fenway Community Health
1340 Boylston Street
Boston, MA. 02115
(617) 267-0900 or (888) 242-0900
En español: (617) 927-6460
TTY : (617) 859-1256
Website : http://www.fenwayhealth.org/

Lisette Lahana, LICSW Western Mass Therapists list
Moved to California to restart practice/ see California
Email : LisetteLahana@yahoo.com

Alexandra Myles, MSW, LICSW
250 Brattle St.
Cambridge, MA. 02138
Phone : (617) 497-0190

New Horizons Counseling
Clyde Hilburn
MSW Candidate
P.O. Box 191
Ashland, MA. 01721
Individual counseling and support groups for those dealing with gender issues.
Phone : (508) 435-6656

Elke U. O'Donnell, Ph.D.
43 Roberts Road
Cambridge, MA. 02138
Phone : (617) 441-9300
Psychotherapist offering supportive, confidential counseling for all people facing gender identity issues. Monthly group for CDs and TSs.

Dennis Pearne, Ed.D.
9 Alexander Ave.
Belmont Ctr, MA. 02178
Mail address:
133 Grove St.
Watertown, MA. 02172
Clinical psychologist.
Phone : (617) 484-0013

People*Systems Potential
Niela Miller, MS Ed, LCSW
P.O. Box 132
Nagog Woods, MA. 01718
Phone : (508) 264-4565
Counseling for crossdressers, gender confused persons, partners, and family members. Monthly group for CDs and TSs in Concord, Mass. Supervision available for mental health professionals.

J. Michael Rowan, MSW, LICSW
Rowan Psychotherapy
Offices in Easthampton, MA. and Greenfield, MA.
P.O. Box 873
Greenfield, MA. 01302-0873
Phone : (413) 773-5420
Email : Email@RowanPsychotherapy.com

David Seil, M.D.
196 West Springfield Street
Boston, MA. 02118
Phone : (617) 536-2665
Board-certified psychiatrist, member of HBIGDA. Evaluation and psychotherapy for those seeking gender transition. General psychiatry for transgenderists, TVs, their families and partners. Referrals within J. Michael Rowan, MSW, LICSW

Services for Men (and Their Families)
66 Wyman Street
West Medford, MA. 02155
(617Josefina A. Speckert, M.Ed.
30 East Housatonic St, Suite #3
Pittsfield, MA. 01201
Psychotherapist specializing in gender issues. Josie hosts groups on transsexual issues, and works with individual clients on transgender issues.

Sydney Borum Health Center
130 Boylston Street
Boston, MA. 02116
Call Saba at (617) 457-8140 x309
FAX : (617) 457-8141
Email : sfitzgerald@jri.org
Part of JRI Health. Accepts insurance plans such as Blue Choice.

Theseus Counseling Services
Ari Kane, M.Ed., Gender Specialist
233 Harvard Street, Suite 301
Brookline, MA. 02146
Counseling in gender issues, couples counseling where dressing is an issue in the relationship, gender clarification for gender shift people, long-term counseling for pre-op TSs, professional supervision for social workers and guidance counselors. All sessions are by appointment.
Phone : (617) 277-4360
Publishes: Journal of Gender Studies

Joanna Frost, LICSW
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
700 Main Street
Holyoke, MA. 01040
Phone : (413) 534-3033
Fax : (413) 534-3066
Announcing the opening of Joanna's New Office For : The Practice of Psychotherapy For Adults, Their Partners, Adolescents, Children and Families. Specializing in the Evaluation and Treatment of Individuals with-Gender Related Issues, Psychological Trauma and Clinical Abandonment Issues. Joanna, herself being a post-op since 1992, is a Smith College School of Social Work trained psychotherapist specializing in gender issues, with over 20 years experience in issues relating to gender identity. She is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, member of HBIGDA and trans activist. Her practice focuses on individuals and their families coping with the full range of identity issues including cross-dressers and transsexuals. Services include referral evaluation for hormones, surgery, and other supportive services.

Linda Marks, MSM
Boston, MA.
Phone : (617) 965-7846
Email : LSMHEART@aol.com
Website : http://www.healingheartpower.com/
Linda understands Gender Identity Issues. Also runs an on-going gender-balanced therapy group in the Boston area for people who want to explore issues of sexuality, spirituality, and gender. From her website : "Native American cultures understood that there was a 'third gender' and recognized the value of 'two-spirited' people. Why hasn't mainstream American culture been able to see what our Native American forefathers and foremothers saw?"


Sandra S. Cole, Ph.D.
University of Michigan Health System
Comprehensive Gender Services Program
Phone : (734) 528-0895
Email : sscole@umich.edu

Deborah R. Donison, Ph.D.
18091 Muirland
Detroit, MI. 48221
Phone : (313) 862-3597
Fax : (313) 862-5852
Email : donipanf@earthlink.net
Has been working with transgendered people for over 10 years in the Detroit area.

Diversity Counseling and Therapy Center, PLLC.
Annita List, MSW ACSW CFT, CAC
Grand Rapids, MI.
Private practice specializing in diversity, both with the population they serve and the issues they present.
Practice established in 1995.

Homestead Counseling Center
Sandra L. Samons, ACSW, CAC
1480 Shevchenco
Ann Arbor, MI. 48103
Individual and family therapist knowledgeable about gender issues. Day or evening times available. Leave message and your call will be returned.
Phone : (313) 663-7871 (Number reported as not working at present)

Lee Padula, Ph.D.
37677 Professional Center Dr., Suite 110
Livonia, MI. 48154
Phone : (313) 953-3333
Licensed psychologist, marital and family therapist, certified sex therapist. More than ten years of experience working with CD/TG/TS/SOs and families in the gender community. Psychological evaluations for hormones and for SRS. Transition support in employment.
Day and evening appointments.

Lyda/Hunt Institutes Of Intensive Psychotherapy
20905 Greenfield Road, Suite 508
Southfield, MI. 48075
Phone : (810) 443-0005
Marjorie A. Lyda, D.D., A.C.S.W.
Nancy J. Hunt, M.A., M.S.W.
Over 20 years' experience working with and offering therapy for Gay/Lesbian, TV, TS, hormone referral, evaluation referrals, and surgery referrals.

Dennis Sugrue, Ph.D.
University of Michigan Health System
Comprehensive Gender Services Program
Phone : (248) 888-8390

Dr. James White Ph.D (Retired)

Rachel Cramball
Royal Oak, MI. 48067
Phone : (800) 963-9163
Phone : (517) 420-1544
Email : rachelcrandallmsw@yahoo.com
Ms Cramball is both a counselor specializing in "gender issues" as well as a founding member and member of the board of Transgender Michigan Website She also runs a "Gender crises line" Although only a counselor on paper she is highly active in the greater Detroit/South east Michigan area gender community and is HIGHLY recommended.

Robin Sexton, MA, LLPC
Robins' Resources
14304 Arcola
Livonia, MI. 48154
Phone : (734) 525-9675
Email : robinesexton@earthlink.net
UNIQUELY QUALIFIED in education and experience. Post graduate research specific to transgender/transsexual issues. Virtually a lifetime of experience. Sliding fee scale. Hormone and surgery letters. No nonsense counseling and resource information.


Dr. Kimberly D. Schmidt, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Arrowhead Psychological Clinic, P.A.
Medical Arts Building, suite 600
324 West Superior Street
Duluth, MN. 55802
Phone : (218) 723-8153
Website : http://www.mnpsych.com

Willow Counseling Services, LLC
Veronica L. Senkyr, MA, LMFT
1821 University Ave. W., S329
St. Paul, MN. 55104
Phone : (651) 647-1022
Email : vsenkyr@willowcounselingservices.com
Website : http://www.willowcounselingservices.com

Eli Coleman, Ph.D., LP
University of Minnesota
Program in Human Sexuality
Transgender Services
1300 S. 2nd Street, Suite 180
Minneapolis, MN. 55454
Phone : (612) 625-1500

Face to Face Health and Counseling Service
1165 Arcade Street
Saint Paul, MN. 55106
Phone : (651) 772-5555
Fax : (612) 772-5566
Email : admin@face2face.org
Website : http://www.face2face.org

District 202
2524 Nicollet Ave.
So. Minneapolis, MN. 55408
Safe space for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth to be with peers.

Karol Jensen, Ph.D., M.P.H., L.P.
2817 S. Lyndale
Minneapolis, MN. 55414
Phone : (612) 872-6399
Email : kljensen01@aol.com

Miller-Dwan Counseling Resources
Duluth, MN.
Phone : (218) 720-1305
This is a safe and respectful place for clients, with a licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker who has worked with transgendered individuals for the past five years on staff.

William N. Robiner, Ph.D., A.B.P.P., L.P.
Department of Neurology
University of Minnesota Medical School
Box 295 Mayo
420 Delaware Street, Southeast
Minneapolis, MN. 55455-0392
Phone : (612) 624-1479
Fax : (612) 625-7950
Email : robin005@tc.umn.edu

Diane Stellrecht, Ph.D.(c)
Stellrecht Clinic
627 South Snelling Avenue
St. Paul, MN. 55116
Phone : (651) 699-7050

Transgender Clinic
Sharon Satterfield, M.D. Psychiatrist
Suite 103, Stadium Village Mall
852 Washington Ave. S.E.
Minneapolis, MN. 55414
Phone : (612) 627-4121
Sharon Satterfield works as the primary therapist, and refers her clients to Dr. William Robiner for secondary therapy. Dr. Satterfield is also very well versed at working with TG people who are chemically dependant and in recovery.

Transgender HIV/AIDS Prevention Program
Program in Human Sexuality. Dept. or Family Practice and Community Health
University of Minnesota Medical School
1300 So. 2nd Street, Suite 180
Minneapolis, MN. 55454
Phone : (612) 625-1500
Fax : (612)626-8311
In collaboration with the City of Lakes Cross gender Community, the Minnesota Freedom of Gender Expression, the Minnesota Aids Project, and the Aliveness Project, the Program in Human Sexuality offers an HIV/AIDS education-prevention program for crossdressing, transgender and transsexual persons and their partners. In addition, the Program provides psychological health care and support for transgender persons with HIV/AIDS.

University of Minnesota Gender Dysphoria Program
c/o Program in Human Sexuality
1300 South 2nd Street, Suite 180
Minneapolis, MN. 55454
Phone : (612) 625-1500
Fax : (612) 626-8311
A professionally managed gender program based on the HBIGDA's Standards of Care. Administered by the Department of Family Practice and Community Health, University of Minnesota Medical School. Comprehensive evaluation, gender dysphoria is clarified through psychotherapy.
Services include an ongoing psychotherapy group for sex reassigned transsexuals, psychological services for families and friends, evaluation and treatment of gender dysphoric children and adolescents, complete physical health care.


Lydia Constantin R.N., L.C.S.W.
Gulfport, MS.
Phone : (228) 822-0800 


Richard Abloff, Ph.D.
6306 Walnut St.
Kansas City, MO. 64113
Phone : (816) 444-7890

Patricia E. Berne, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
7710 Carondelet, Suite 505
Clayton, MO. 63105
Phone : (314) 725-0550
She is very well-recommended among the St. Louis-area TG community.

M. Lee Borrine, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
8147 Delmar Blvd., Suite 219
St. Louis, MO. 63130
Phone : (314) 960-6713
Fax (314) 781-6884

Daniel Claiborn, Ph.D.
10975 El Monte, Suite 200
Overland Park, KS. 66211
Phone : (913) 469-9680
Fax: (913) 469-8324

Ellen S. Finch, M.S.W., Ph.D.
4500 College Boulevard, Suite 110
Overland Park, KS. 66211-1760
Phone : (913) 345-0888

Helen R. Friedman, Ph.D.
7750 Clayton Rd., Suite 210
St. Louis, MO. 63117
Phone : (314) 781-4500
Member of the St. Louis Gender Foundation.

Dr. Genia Simmons, Ph.D.
Phone : (816) 435-7879
Psychologist. She also works with an MD that works with the gender community, and heads up a support group for TSs that meets every other week.

Caroline Gibbs, LPC, NCC
Transgender Institute
7140 Wornall Road, Suite 203
Kansas City, MO. 64114
Phone : (816) 305-0943
Fax : (816) 216-7177
Email : gibbsassist@yahoo.com
Website : http://www.transinstitute.org
"Gender therapy in office and online using the SKYPE camera. (For those choosing online therapy with Caroline she will provide you with a SKYPE camera free of charge.)"


Anne Harris, MSW, LCSW, MHPP, MHC
1245 North 29th Street
P.O. Box 219
Billings, MT. 59101
Phone : (406) 252-5658

Monique Mandali, MA
PO Box 219
Helena, MT. 59624
Phone : (406) 495-9206
Email : monique@mandali.com

Anne R. Harris, LCPC
PO Box 17842
Missoula, MT. 59808
Phone : (406) 240-9057
Email : annerharris@yahoo.com


David M. Hoppe Retired

LauraLee Clinchard, M.A., LMHP
Community Mental Health Center of Lancaster County
2201 South 17th Street
Lincoln, NE. 68502
Phone : (402) 441-7940
Fax : (402) 441-8625
Email : lclinchard@lancaster.ne.gov

Megan Smith, MS, PLMHP
2833 South 87th Ave.
Omaha, NE. 68124
Phone : (402) 398-9852
Email : megsmith23@hotmail.com


Roberta Vande Voort, MS MFT
AAMFT Approved Supervisor
9402 W. Lake Mead Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV. 8914
Phone : (702) 878-0554
Availability: D
Email : roberta@kayentabhc.com
Website : http://www.kayentabhc.com/index.html
Individual, couple, group and family counseling. Individual and small group counseling with the Gender Displaced and their families.

Avalon Counseling Associates
Victoria Hughes, MS, MFT
Sheri DeMott, MA, MFT
Las Vegas, NV.
Phone : (702) 547-9444
Voicemail : (702) 470-1099
Email : vhughes@pclv.com

Caring Counseling
Nancy Lee, Ph.D.
2061 Market Street
Reno, NV. 89502
Phone : (702) 322-7771
Individual, couple, group and family counseling. Gender identity and sexuality issues, validation of individuality. One- or two-hour sessions.

Jane Heenan, M.S. MFT
4343 N. Rancho, #234, Suite 12
Las Vegas, NV. 89130
Phone : (702) 810-4159
Email : VegasCounselor@aol.com

Nancy Lee, Ph.D.
2061 Market Street
Reno, NV. 89502
Phone : (702) 322-7771
Fax: (702) 322-7501

New Hampshire

Nancy Strapko, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 157
Plymouth, NH. 03264
Phone : (603) 536-1306
Email : strapphd@nh.ultranet.com
Gender Specialist. Psychotherapist serving the New England area. Private, couples, and group therapy. Formerly with U. of Minnesota.

Cheshire Counseling
1O4 Cross St.
Keene, NH. 03431
Ken DeVoid, Ed.D.
Gender identity counseling. Individual consultation/counseling, confidential setting, support group. Weekend/evening appointments available.
Phone : (603) 357-5544

Lee M. Faver, PhD, ABPP, PC
Licensed, Board Certified Psychologist
25 Carriage Lane
Westmoreland, NH. 03467
Phone : (603) 852-8238
Email : lee@leemfaver.com
Website : http://www.leemfaver.com
"I’ve more than 10 years experience with Trans and Gender related issues. In June 2006 I moved my practice from western NY to NH. Servicing NH and VT as my practice is literally on the border of these 2 states and 10 miles from the western MA border as well."

New Jersey

Amy L. Altenhaus, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist #1479
Registered Custody Evaluator
80 East Main St.
Freehold, NJ. 07728
Phone : (908) 780-6644
Relationship and gender issues, custody and visitation evaluations, and psychotherapy for individuals, couples, families and groups. For children, adolescents and adults.

Dr. Marsha Mark
HealthMark Counseling
101 Route 130
321 Madison Bldg.
Cinnaminson, NJ. 08077
Phone : (609) 829-8985

Philip T. McCabe CSW, CAS
P.O. Box 123
Ocean Grove, NJ. 07756
Phone/Fax : (908) 774-2719
Email : PTMcCabe@aol.com
Specializing in Addictions, Substance Abuse, Money Disorders, Gambling, Spending, Shopping and related disorders. Affirmative Counseling.
Co-chair National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselor's Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgender Clinical Issues Sub-Committee.
Faculty, Presenter for the Gay/Lesbian Addiction Studies Conference, NYC.

New Mexico

Human Potential Center
505 891 9295
1463 Rio Rancho Blvd., Suite A-1
Rio Rancho, NM. 87124

Lewis Nemes, Ph.D.
8005 Pennsylvania Circle, NE
Albuquerque, NM. 87110
Phone : (505) 248-0698

Transpersonal Institute for the Study of Gender Identity
Dr. Carpenter D.O.
369 Montezuma Suite 356
Santa Fe, NM. 87501-5715
Formerly Gender Center of the Southwest. Offering complete, cost effective service for the gender community. Serving Gender Dysphoria, TS, TV, and the gender curious. Group Therapy and Peer Supports, Dallas office maintains a live telephone information line 7-10 P.M. on Mondays. Endocrine treatment (hormones), Individual and Family counseling, Pre and Post op physical exams, complete laboratory services, Surgical referrals, and Legal Liaison.

New York

Lynn Birnbaum, Ph.D.
Flushing, Queens, NY.
Phone : (718) 762-1530

Dr. John Capozuca
210 Bleecker St.
New York, NY.
Phone : (212) 243-4310

Moonhawk River Stone, M.S., LMHC
1448 Dalton Drive
Schenectady, NY 12308
Phone : (518) 506-1261
Email : HawkRStone@aol.com
Website : http://www.riverstoneconsult.com
Moonhawk River Stone, M.S., LMHC specializes in providing care to transgender people and across the gender spectrum for over two decades. He works with transgender folks of all ages--young, children and seniors and with their families. He is also a consultant working with people who are planning or in the midst of a workplace gender transition, and provides clinical training and supervision for other psychotherapy providers. Additionally, he works with trauma survivors.

Arlene Istar Lev LCSW, CASAC
Choices Counseling and Consulting
321 Washington Ave.
Albany, NY. 12206
Phone : (518) 463-9152
Email : istarlev@aol.com
Email : info@choicesconsulting.com
Arlene Istar Lev LCSW, CASAC, is a social worker, family therapist, educator, and writer whose work addresses the unique therapeutic needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. She is the founder of Choices Counseling and Consulting (www.choicesconsulting.com) in Albany, New York, providing family therapy for LGBT people and is on the adjunct faculties of S.U.N.Y. Albany, School of Social Welfare. She is the author of The Complete Lesbian and Gay Parenting Guide (Penguin Press, 2004) and Transgender Emergence: Therapeutic Guidelines for Working with Gender-Variant People and their Families (Haworth Press, 2004). Additionally, she maintains a “Dear Ari” advice column, which is currently published in Proud Parenting (www.proudparenting.com) and Transgender Tapestry. She is also the Founder and Project Manager for Rainbow Access Initiative, a training program on LGBT issues for therapists and medical professionals, a Board Member for the Family Pride Coalition (www.familypride.org), and on the editorial Board of The Journal of GLBT Family Studies. Her “In a Family Way” column on LGBT parenting issues is nationally syndicated.

Joseph R. DiLorenzo, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
New York, NY
Email : blueicez@pipeline.com
Dr. DiLorenzo is a transgendered person who specializes in work with trans persons. His practice focuses upon gender identity issues and sexual orientation with adults and children. He has expertise in childhood sexual abuse and works with children and their families on issues of gender and sexuality. Another focus of his practice is with families in which one or more persons are transgendered (adult or child). He is an advocate for the transgender community and is active in various trans political organizations.

Gender Identity Project
Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center
208 West 13th Street
New York, NY. 10011
Phone : (212) 620-7310
Support, counseling, advocacy and referral services for gender dysphoric individuals. Peer-to-peer counseling, facilitated support groups, professional referrals, and alcohol and drug abuse counseling services. MTF support group Thursdays, 7:30-9:00 pm; MTF and FTM Mondays, 7:30-9:00 pm; Couples Support Group and Lovers and Friends Support Group alternate Wednesdays, 7:30-9:00 pm until June. Call for dates. The Project is part of the Center's Mental Health and Social Services Programs and all services are confidential and professionally supervised.

David R. Yonkin, LCSW
211 W. 56th Street Suite 30-G
New York, NY. 10019
Phone : (917) 842-2655
A graduate of NYU Social Work Graduate School, licensed psychotherapist in New York City and in private practice work particularly with those who present with transgender issues, and with a special focus on transmale-identified individuals. Full member of WPATH (formerly HBIGDA) and the American Psychological Association, Division 44. Therapist member of Identity House in NYC, a peer-run LGBT organization that provides peer-counseling to the community. He provides clinical supervision to the counselors there, and has a close affiliation with The Gender Identity Project (GIP) at The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center, New York City, where he once interned and facilitated transgender support groups. He has presented workshops at various transgender conferences in Washington, DC and NYC. He is a full-time therapist/consultant and clinical supervisor at an employee assistance program on Wall Street, and often works with various levels of management and human resources departments regarding employees who are transitioning, and with their families as well. He co-authored the chapter "Transgender Identity" in a textbook for social work students, Sexual Orientation And Gender Expression in Social Work Practice: Working With Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, And Transgender People, (Morrow & Messinger, Eds.), Columbia Press, 2006; and wrote the chapter for trans issues in the companion volume, Case Studies on Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression in Social Work Practice.

Barbara B. Holstein
Assistant professor of Clinical Medicine
Marriage and Family Therapist
Sex Therapist
Lafayette Family Health Center
2394 Route 11
Lafayette, NY. 13084
(315) 677-3186
(315) 677-9469
Trained as a sex therapist at the SUNY Human Sexuality Program, she specializes in gender issues in adult sexuality and relationships. Barbara sees both individuals and couples in her private practice. All services are private and confidential. Individuals and couples interested in support groups are encouraged to call.

Shelley Juran, Ph.D.
158 Montague St
Brooklyn Heights, NY. 11201
Phone : (718) 625-6526
Email : Sjuran@aol.com
Shelley Juran, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and certified (interpersonal) psychoanalyst who has worked with transgendered clients for over 20 years, since, as a faculty member at NYU Medical Center, she ran the daily operations of their gender clinic. Now she is a Full Professor of Psychology at Pratt Institute, where she teaches Sexuality and Gender courses, and sees, privately, in Brooklyn Heights, clients who are interested in making decisions about their life based upon an in-depth exploration of their issues.

Arlene Istar Lev R-CSW, CASAC
Choices Counseling Associates
321 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY. 12206
Phone : (518) 463-9152
Email : Istarlev@aol.com
Individual, couple and family counseling, and work with Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgendered and other sexual minority folks. All services are confidential and offered on a sliding scale fee schedule. Many insurances are accepted.
Trained in general psychotherapy including addictions and recovery, domestic violence and sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, body image, relationship issues and parenting issues. Staff is trained in psycho-spiritual counseling and multi-cultural awareness.

Jennifer Lewis, LCSW
1 Kings Highway
North Westport, CT. 06880
Phone : (203) 226-9796
Works closely with Gender Identity Project, Kit Rachlin, Leah Schafer and Christine Wheeler in NYC.

Tom Mazur, Psy.D.
SUNY - Children's Hospital of Buffalo
219 Bryant Street
Buffalo, NY. 14222
Phone : (716) 836-4347

P.O. Box 5639
Long Island City, NY. 11105
Phone : (718) 728-4615
Email : therapist1@aol.com
Website : http://www.transgendermetamorphosis.com
Professional psychotherapy, individual and family counseling, evaluations and treatment for all Transgender persons, and related issues, including Transsexuals, Transvestites, :Lesbian, Gay and Bisexuals. . Full transition support. Special situations cover anxiety, shyness, depression, relationship issues, guidelines for successful transition, and much more.Call or write for appointment and information, Mon.-Fri.,11am-5pm.

Michelle Poll, M.A. Psychotherapist.
P.O. Box 5639
Long Island City, NY. 11105
Phone : (718) 728-4615
Email : therapist1@aol.com
Website : http://www.transgendermetamorphosis.com

Katherine Rachlin, Ph.D.
49 West 24 St. 9FL
New York, NY. 10010
Phone : (212) 206-3636
Email : KRachlin@aol.com
Website : http://transgendertherapyny.com/
Katherine Rachlin, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and certified sex therapist who has extensive experience supporting transgender people, their families and partners. She sees individuals at all stages of gender exploration and transition. She also works therapeutically with people who have decided not to transition or who are post-transition or for whom transition is no longer a central issue. In addition to her work as a therapist, she conducts trainings in corporate and health care settings to make people more sensitive to transgender issues and has been an expert witness in transgender civil rights cases. She has served on the board of directors of organizations such as FTM-International and The Harry Benjamin Association/World Professional Association for Transgender Health. A member of the American Psychological Association's Taskforce on Gender Identity, she is the author of many published papers and book chapters on transgender health and well being. "I am particularly sensitive to the needs of crossdressers. Over the course of a lifetime the desire to crossdress can go up and down in cycles. People often seek counseling when this desire becomes so intense that it distracts them from other responsibilities; when it creates conflicts in their relationships; or if they are questioning the meaning of the crossdressing in their lives."

Leah C. Schaefer, Ed.D.
285 Riverside Drive, #15A
New York, NY. 10025
Phone : (212) 866-1139

Dr. Leah Cahan Shafer
Riverside Drive and 101st Street
New York, NY.
Phone : (212) 866-1139
She is the inheritor of Dr Harry Benjamin's practice and the former chair of the IHBGDA

Margot Smith
The Genesee Hospital
Alexander Street
Rochester, NY.
Phone : (716) 327-3354
Voice Therapist.

Claire J. Tornay M.S.W. , C.S.W.
#710 Park Avenue
New York , NY. 10021
Phone : (212) 861-5408
Email : clairetmsw@aol.com

Transgender Health and Education Clinic of Callen-Lorde Community Health Center (THE Clinic)
356 West 18th St.
New York, NY. 10011
Phone : (212) 271-7200
Fax : (212) 645-0013
Contact Jennifer Lewis, Director of Mental Health Offers medical and mental health care to the TG community. Cost: Initial: $5 registration fee, $25 medical, labs are at cost. Follow ups $20. No one is turned away due to inability to pay.
Mission: To provide quality health care to the transgender community at low cost. (Part of the overall mission of CHP to the l/g/b/t communities.) When : Second Saturdays, 11 am - 3 pm

Dr. John M. Wadsworth M.D.
313 Summer Street
Buffalo, NY.
Phone : (716) 883-5357

Pamela Walter, C.S.W.-R, A.C.S.W., B.C.D
768 CrossKeys Office Park
Fairport, NY. 14450
Phone : (716) 425-4750
Fax : (716) 586-9358
Over 20 years experience in dealing with the TG community.

Barbara E. Warren, Psy.D.
One Little West 12th Street
New York, NY. 10014
Phone : (212) 620-7310

Dr. C. Christine (Tina) Wheeler
Bristol Medical Building, Suite 202
305 East 55th Street
New York, NY. 10022-4148
Phone : (212) 599-2254
Fax : (212) 973-9431
Email : drchristinewheeler@verizon.net

Sexologist, psychotherapist, marriage and family therapy, Charter member
of The Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association, current
author of the medical guidelines entitled, The Standards of Care.

Joanne Zager, Ph.D.
118 Park Ln.
Ithaca, NY. 14850
NYS Licensed Psychologist
Phone : (607) 272-6353
Email : jzager@twcny.rr.com

Bruce Friedin, Ph.D.
39 New Mill Road
Smithtown, NY. 11787
Phone : (631) 361-6910
Email : bfriedin@aol.com
Website : http://www.DRBRUCEFRIEDIN.com
Second Office :
Suite 218
175 Jericho Turnpike
Syosset, NY. 11791
Phone : (516) 496-7767
"I'm a psychologist on Long Island, and I specialize in sexuality.
I have worked with many Transgendered individuals."

Elijah C. Nealy, M.Div., LCSW
licensed clinical social worker
New York City office
Phone : (917) 509-6242
Email : nealynyc@verizon.net
Individual, couples and family counseling with adolescents and adults. Former director of mental health and social services for the NYC Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center; ordained minister with Metropolitan Community Churches.

Tiger Howard Devore PhD
16 West 19th Street #2C
New York, NY. 10011
Phone : (646) 861 3882
Email : tdevorephd@gmail.com
Website : http://www.tigerhowarddevorephd.com
BRIEF BIOGRAPHY: "I was a student of Robert Stoller MD at UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Institute. He did early studies on transsexuals. I also worked with Roger Gorski, who discovered sexually dimorphic nuclei in the brains of mammals. I was a research intern with John Money PhD at Johns Hopkins Psychohormonal Research Unit. He is famous for work with gender different people. I published my dissertation with him "Gender Transposition: a long term follow up study of 32 XY hermaphrodites assigned and reared as females" Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy Fall 1985. I presented that research at the 7th World Congress of Sexology in New Delhi. I became certified as a sex therapist at the UCLA Human Sexuality Program under Joshua Golden PhD. I was a member of the Bay Area Gender Associates, a consulting and supervision group of therapists in San Francisco, with Rebecca Auge, Lin Fraser, and William Henkin. I knew Cheryl Chase before she founded the Intersex Society of North America. I have worked with Riki Wilchins of the Gender Public Advocacy Commission. I have presented several times with Jamison Greene, past president of FTM International. I have been an activist and advocate for sexually different people in media for many years. I have appeared as a guest expert and out intersex person on Oprah, Sally, Montel, Leeza, and many other news and information shows. I have been quoted in just about every magazine that does a story on gender and sexuality. I have done many radio interviews. I have appeared in documentaries for both PBS (XXXY) and Discovery Channel (Is it a Boy or a Girl?) I have been working with sexually different people in psychotherapy for 25 years."

Ami B. Kaplan, LCSW
113 University Place
New York, NY. 10003
Phone : (212) 358-1884
Email : amik2@verizon.net
Website : http://www.amikaplan.net
Clinical Director
The New York Psychotherapy Collective
Website : http://www.ny-psychotherapy.com
Referral Line: (646) 400-5475
"I’m a therapist in private practice in NYC and have over 10 years experience in working with transgendered individuals. I help people transition to their desired level of comfort. I also help people cope with the difficulties of having lived in an unwanted gender. I am a long time member of WPATH."

Dr. Valerie Pinhas
Great Neck, NY. 11020
Phone : (516) 482-8314
Email : vlp@longislandsextherapy.com
Website : longislandsextherapy.com
"I've treated transgendered folk for years."

Sue J Langer, LCSW
138 West 25th Street
NYC, NY. 10001
Phone : (917) 617-0243
Email : slangerlcsw@gmail.com
"I work with the trans/queer community in individual and group therapy. Other specialties include depression, anxiety, trauma/abuse history, substance abuse, immigration issues, and creative artists."

North Carolina

Samuel S. Allen, MA, NCC, LPC
Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area, NC.
Email : info@samallencounseling.com
Website : http://samallencounseling.com/
Samuel Allen is a licensed psychotherapist with over 20 years' experience with the transgender community. Expertise and extensive experience working with FTM's, as well as individuals who identify as MTF,TS,CD,TG, lesbian, gay, bi, pansexual, questioning, intersex, pre/post/non-op, partners, families. Services are kink/leather-friendly. Located in the Raleigh-Durham NC area, with telephone counseling available everywhere. Also provide consultations to employers, organizations, attorneys, etc. Referrals for other services, including Hormone Therapy and SRS, if applicable.

Louise Hahn, M.A., NCC
Winston-Salem, Durham, Wilmington, NC.
Nationally certified counselor specializing in gender-related issues. Psychotherapy addressing concerns of CD's, TG's, TSs and their SOs. In RTP (Research Triangle Park) every other week.
Phone : (910) 395-0772

David Price Rogers, Ph.D.
Triangle Psychology Services
5425 Turkey Farm Road
Durham, NC. 27705
Phone : (919) 968-8070

Nova Swanstrom MA, LPA- gender therapist
Delta Behavioral Health
1920 Tradd Court
Wilmington, NC. 28401
Phone : (910) 343-6890
Email : nswanstrom@deltadbt.com

Lisa Griffin, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Charlotte, NC.
Phone : (704) 458-0433
Email : info@drlisagriffin.com
Website : http://www.drlisagriffin.com
Dr. Griffin specializes in gender identity issues, working primarily with gender- variant children, adolescents, and adults and their families, and also providing therapy groups for people in transition. As part of this work, she provides guidance throughout the transition process, linking individuals with medical and legal professionals as needed. She also periodically offers workshops for spouses, partners, and parents. She is a member of WPATH and IFGE, as well as the American Psychological Association and the North Carolina Psychological Association. She is a member of the Advisory Board of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Center for Professional and Applied Ethics and of the Board of Directors of the Freedom Center for Social Justice.

Kyra Grosman, M.A.
6115 Park South Blvd
Charlotte, NC. 28205
Phone : (704) 552-0116
Email : kgrosman@southeastpsych.com
Website : http://southeastpsych.com/Staff/Grosman/Grosman.htm

North Dakota

120 N 3 St.
Bismarck, ND. 58501
Phone : (701) 255-6347


Alice Christianson, M.A.
MeritCare Neuroscience Clinic
700 First Ave. S.
Fargo, ND. 58103
Phone : (701) 234-4131


Meral Crane, M.A., LPCC
Gender Dysphoria Program of Central Ohio
P.O. Box 82008
Columbus, OH. 43202
Phone : (614) 451-0111
Email : crane@genderprogram.com
Website : http://www.genderprogram.com/
Certified Sex Therapist, Marriage & Family Therapist
COGDP has been active since 1979 and has many very satisfied graduates. Offers many levels of service including SRS referrals. Great help with self analysis, passing and coming out; facilitates acceptance. Individual & group meetings for the transgendered: pre & post op support. Optional meetings with families and/or spouses of both TV & TS.

Recommendation: She is wonderful. She used the Standards Of Care as guidlines but does not always make you wait a full 3 months for a letter. It depends on each individual. She offers group and individual sessions. I've only seen her 3 times but I can not say enough good things about her. HIGHLY RECOMENDED!! (from Beck)

Michelle Clossick, MSW
c/o Linda Whittington-Clark, Ph.D.
2525 W. Bancroft Ave.
Toledo, OH. 43606
Phone : (419) 578-2525

Meral G. Crane, M.A.
Central Ohio Gender Dysphoria Program
P.O. Box 82008
Columbus, OH. 43202
Phone : (614) 451-0111

Antone F. Feo, Ph.D.
24500 Center Ridge Road, Suite 100
Westlake, OH. 44145
Phone : (440) 899-1300
Email : afeo@afeophd.com
Website : http://www.afeophd.com/
Specializes in working with the transgendered community. Dr. Feo is a licensed clinical psychologist who provides individual, family and couple therapy. He and his associates provide therapy to spouses. They also are a member and adhere to the rules of the Harry Benjamin Society. For more information or to make an appointment, please call or write.

Jeffrey Mostade, PCC, NCC
Fairhill Center
12200 Fairhill Road B. 401
Cleveland, OH. 44120
Phone : (216) 421-1793

North Central Mental Health Services
1301 North High Street
Columbus, OH. 43201
Phone : (614) 299-6600
Mental health hotline and service provider. Can provide individual counseling and mental health services as well as referrals about gender issues.

Kayla Springer, Ph.D.
3280 Observatory Avenue
Cincinnati, OH. 45208
Phone : (513) 381-6611


Dr. Anna Lee Davis
7010 S. Yale, Ste 106
Tulsa, OK. 74136
Phone : (918) 495-1099

Dr. Jeri Fritz, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
601 S. Boulder St., Suite 800
Tulsa, OK.
Phone : (918) 584-6694

Dannie K. Valega, LCSW, DCSW
2325 S Harvard, Suite 603
Tulsa, OK. 74114
Phone : (918) 289-4347

Dr. Jo Ann Howse, M.S.
5272 S. Lewis, Ste 31
Tulsa, OK. 74105
Phone : (918) 749-3233


John D. Adler, Ph.D.
1217 N.E. Burnside #803
Gresham, OR. 97030
Phone : (503) 251-4088

Annik Larsen, LCSW, ACSW
1920 N.W. Johnson, Suite 112
Portland, OR. 97209
Phone : (503) 285-7572
Email : annik@easystreet.com
Works with individuals with gender dysphoria, gender and/or sexual identity questions or issues, or personal or relationship problems relating to these issues, including crossdressers, transsexuals, people who aren't sure who they are, their partners or other family members, or anyone who may be affected by a gender issue. Counseling, support, education and consultation for clients and for other professionals not familiar with these issues.

Jan Lewis, MSW, LCSW
1020 SW Taylor St., Suite 620
Portland, OR. 97205
Phone : (503) 294-1075

Catherine Pivetti, LPC
3433 NE Sandy
Portland, OR. 97213
Phone : (503) 740 9555
Gender transitions, letters, relationship counseling, individual or family therapy, groups. Adults or children. Therapy for depression, anxiety, trauma by a therapist who understands that counseling needs may have little or nothing to do with your gender identity. Poly-friendly, extensive experience with children, queer-identified therapist.

Terrie A. Lyons, Ph.D.
3033 SW First Avenue
Portland, OR. 97201
Phone : (503) 221-8764

Suzan Mayer, MSW
319 S.W. Washington, Suite 1015
Portland, OR. 97204
Phone : (503) 245-4614

Shelly Norton, Ph.D.
2020 S.E. Powell Blvd.
Portland, OR 97202
Phone : (503) 238-0780

Phoenix Rising (Reported Offline)
620 SW 5th, Suite 710
Portland, OR. 97204
Contact Jim Everett at Phoenix Rising, (503) 223-8299;
Phoenix has a large staff of counselors of various backgrounds and they cater to the GLBT community

B.J. Barbara Seymour, ACSW
Portland, OR.
Phone : (503) 228-2472
Gender Identity Counseling

Reid Vanderburgh MA, LMFT
319 SW Washington St, #701
Portland, OR. 97204
Phone : (503) 341-7001
Website : http://www.transtherapist.com/

Dr. Jamie Pettus
6536 SE Duke Street
Portland. OR. 97206
Phone : (503) 928-4325
Email : drjamie@MyTherapistSaid.com
Website : http://www.mytherapistsaid.com
Quote from Dr. Pettus's website : "My focus (and my passion) is with the LGBT community, though I certainly don't limit my work to 'family'! Rest assured, though, that my counseling is gay friendly. I work with all kinds of people from all walks of life and with all kinds of life challenges. Whether you're interested in individual counseling or couples counseling, I'd consider it an honor to work with you. My mission is to provide quality therapy at an affordable fee."


Dr. Mary V. Cochran, Ph.D.
University City area, Philadelphia, PA.
Phone : (215) 386-1120
Individual, couple and family therapist with a leaning towards the GBLT communities. knowledgeable about the HIV and TG community for over 20 yrs.

James Huggins, Ph.D.
Persad Center
5150 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA. 15234-1627
Phone : (412) 441-9786 ext. 223

Michelle A. Keffer, Ph.D.
Persad Center
5150 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA. 15234-1627
Phone : (412) 441-9786 ext. 229

Karen Kleiman, MSW
1062 Lancaster Avenue, #8
Rosemont, PA. 19010
Phone : (610) 525-7527
Special interest in FTM transition.

Karen Lewis, M.A., LP
Persad Center
5150 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA. 15234-1627
Phone : (412) 441-9786 ext. 218

Maureen Osborne, Ph.D.
412 E. King Street
Malvern , PA 19355
Phone : (610) 647-8730
Email : DrOsbo@aol.com
Note: There is a bio and picture of her at http://www.DrChristineMcGinn.com

Persad Center, Inc.
Randal G. Forrester, James Huggins
5100 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA. 15224-1616
Phone : (412) 441-0857
Mental health services for the gender conflicted and their significant others. Individual therapy, support group, evaluation and treatment for transsexualism including: gender identity team which provides initial and on-going evaluation, hormone therapy, and sex-reassignment therapy.

Dianne Rackliffe, Psy.D.
1700 Walnut St., Suite 725
Philadelphia, PA. 19103
Licensed clinical psychologist providing confidential psychotherapy to the Transgendered community and their significant others.

William R. Stayton, Ph. D.
98 Old Eagle Rd., Suite 719
Wayne, PA. 19087
Phone : (610) 971-0700
Email : 76667.1760@compuserve.com

Alexis Lake MSS, LSW
412 East King Street
Malvern, PA. 19355
Second Office :
100 Highlands Drive, Suite 301C
Lititz, PA.
Phone : (717) 575-3757
2nd Phone : (717) 625-0171
Fax : (610) 647-8921
Email : alaketherapy@gmail.com
Website : http://www.alaketherapy.com
"My focus is on helping my clients fully understand where they are in the transgender spectrum, what their goals are, and how they might reach those goals while minimizing their losses."

Alison Wortman, LCSW
1315 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, Pa. 19107
Phone : (215) 756-7035
Email : alisonwortman@gmail.com
Website : http://www.alisonwortman.com
"I Provide support around gender exploration and expression. Knowledge about hormone replacement therapy, gender affirmation surgery and resources to support transition. Additonally offers support for parents, friends and partners of trans-identified folks. Over the past several years, I have presented at The Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference, have been a quest speaker on transgender issues at the Council for Relationships, and have lectured about working with LGBTQ youth at my alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice. I have also participated in a highly regarded symposium at Bryn Mawr University, where I trained other clinical professionals on providing trans-positive health care for the transgender population. I also work at Philadelphia's only "LGBTQ" wellness center and have been conducting intakes / assessment for hundreds of individuals with a focus on emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual implications of hormone treatment. I specialize in: Exploration of gender identity and gender expression. Support around gender transition — information about hormones replacement therapy, gender affirmation surgery, resources to support transition, letters of recommendation for surgery. Support for parents, friends and partners of LGBTQ individuals. Feeling marginalized by society and loved ones. Addressing the realities of homophobia and transphobia."

Lee Ann P. Etscovitz, Ed.D.
The Philadelphia Building
1315 Walnut Street, Suite 717
Philadelphia, PA. 19107
Phone : (215) 272-1049
Email : LPE@comcast.net
Website : http://www.innerjourney.biz
Certification in Marriage and Family Therapy. Specialization in LGBT Issues. Dr. Etscovitz is a therapist for individuals, couples, and families and specializes in transgender issues. Transgenders are helped to recognize and to accept themselves, to handle physical changes and various relationship problems, and thus to build and maintain lives of dignity and entitlement by living their truth as much as humanly possible. Family issues (involving parents, spouses, children) are also addressed. In addition, any organized enterprise, public or private, profit or non-profit, large or small can be helped to handle transgender issues in the workplace, particularly policies and human relations in the workplace, through workshops and consultation.

Rhode Island

Gwendolyn Howard, D.Min, MSW, LICSW
261 Wickenden St.
Providence, RI. 02903
Phone (401) 272-2006
Email : gwhoward@alum.bu.edu

David Medeiros, LICSW
Craik Building, Suite 307
2845 Post Road
Warwick, RI. 02886
Phone : (401) 739-4604

Marie Donabella Sauro, Ph.D.
Wayland Wellness Associates
120 Wayland Avenue, Suite 4B
Providence, RI. 02906
Phone : (401) 829-7527
Website : http://www.AimForChange.com
"I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist in Providence, RI. About 1/3 of my practice is comprised of transgendered individuals. I am very supportive of the trans community and have also done volunteer work through Lifelines RI, a trans advocacy group."

South Carolina

Jerrold E. Hammond, M.D.
314 Grove Street
Charleston, SC. 29403
Phone : (843) 722-2883

Thomas J. Portney, MA, LICSW
11417 Georgia Ave, Suite C
North Augusta, SC. 29841
Phone : (803) 442-9410

South Dakota     Sorry, no listings.


George R. Brown, M.D.
Department of Psychiatry
Mountain Home VAMC
Johnson City, TN. 37684
Phone : (423) 926-1171 ext. 7709
Psychiatric/medical practice devoted to gender and sexuality concerns. SRS evaluation, hormone treatment. Uses Harry Benjamin Standards. Presently Dr Brown only deals with Veterans. That may change in the near future.

Saroj Chand
Alternative Counseling Center
3105 Essary Drive,
Knoxville TN. 37918
Phone: (865) 687-8990
Fax : (865) 687-1190
Therapist. Ms. Chand offers her services on a sliding scale, and usually does not turn people away due to lack of funds.
Accepting new clients..

Dr. Terry Edwards
1007 Murfreesboro Road
Murfreesboro Road Office Park
Nashville, TN. 37217
Phone : (615) 791-3449
Email : terryedwardstoo@hotmail.com

ACC in Knoxville (licensed GID counseling with sliding scale, free supervised support groups, referrals for HRT and surgery, etc.)


Terry Stewart, LCSW
Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, TX.
Phone : (817) 239-0463

Eric Avery, M.D.
University of Texas Medical Branch
301 University Boulevard, Rt 0186
Galveston, TX. 77555-0428
Phone : (409) 772-3475

Dr. Carpenter, D.O.
Dr. Michael Noss, D.O.
Denise Morris Executive Director
Offering complete, cost-effective service for the gender community. Serving gender dysphoric people, TVs, TSs, and the gender curious.
Services include: Psychiatric evaluation, Gender Dysphoria counseling, endocrine treatment (hormones), individual and family counseling, pre- and post-op physical exams, full medical treatment, complete laboratory services, surgical referrals & legal liaisons.

Collier M. Cole, Ph.D.
The Rosenberg Clinic
1103 Rosenberg Avenue
Galveston, TX. 77550
Phone : (409) 763-0016

Gender Center Of The Southwest
Transitions Medical and Counseling Associates
3626 Nort Hall Street, Suite 623
Dallas, TX. 75205
Phone : (214) 528-8901
Fax : (214) 528-8902

Carson Rader, Ph.D.
901 Nueces Street
Austin, TX.
Phone : (512) 705-8556
Email : doctor.rader@gmail.com
Website : http://www.jillrader.com
Feminist therapist with expertise in issues related to gender and sexuality. Weekend hours and sliding scale fees available. "Given the growing need for gender specialists and the lack of resources for Texas residents in the more remote areas, I am now offering phone and online therapy sessions for non-local clients. My approach to therapy: My theoretical orientation is a blending of a number of approaches, including feminist, humanist, gestalt, cognitive-behavioral, narrative, and psychodynamic. I view my work with clients as a collaborative process that empowers them rather than one that fosters their dependency upon me. I also situate client difficulties within their sociocultural context, which means that I attend to such factors as sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, classism and other societal forces that contribute to human suffering."

Sarah Janosik, LCSW, ACP
Austin Center for Sexual Medicine
1101 South Capital of Texas Hwy
Building A, #200
Austin, TX. 78746
Phone : (512) 327-3723
Fax : (512) 329-5522

Charles W. Keller, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Southwest Center for Psychological Development
4401 A 6th Street
Lubbock, TX. 79416
Phone : (806) 792-4713
Email : drcwk@sbcglobal.net

Carolyn J. Long, Ph.D.
1234 Derby Drive
Richardson TX. 75080
Phone : (972) 437-2131
Email : DocCarolyn@aol.com
May have closed services as her website vanished

Larry Nahmias, M.D.
18333 Egret Bay Blvd., Suite 560
Houston, TX. 77058
Phone : (281) 333-2278

Feleshia Porter, M.S., LPC
3530 Forest Lane #188
Dallas, TX. 75234
Office Phone : (214) 904-8222
Cell Phone : (214) 454-8144
Email : FELESHIA@aol.com
Website : http://www.feleshiaporter.com

Rosenberg Clinic
Gender Treatment Program
1103 Rosenberg
Galveston, TX. 77550
Phone : (409) 763-0016
Formerly the Gender Clinic, University of Texas Medical Branch. Since the mid-1970s; professional services rendered to the transgendered community throughout the Southern U.S. Subscribe to the Standards of Care. Support group meetings held so new and old clients can meet and share experiences. Treatment services are available to those not specifically seeking surgical intervention.

Dr. Eileen Smith, M.D.
3300 Oakwell Farms
San Antonio, TX.
Phone : (210) 829-1994
Quite experienced in dealing with the TS/TG community.

Melissa Welsh, MA, LPC-Intern
1401 North Central Expressway, Suite 375
Richardson, TX. 75080
Phone : (469) 438-6262
Highly recommended by a MTF member of our site who has been helped with transition by Melissa. Melissa has completed a Master's degree in Counseling and has been counseling for over four years. She's practiced counseling in varied settings such as an in-patient psychiatric unit, a women's shelter, a clinic setting, as well as private practice. Though she has experience treating numerous issues, her focus has been on domestic violence, abuse, and psychological trauma. She currently holds a temporary license in the state of Texas. Under this license, she is considered a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern. She is under supervision of Ashley Lind, PhD. a clinical supervisor.


Dr. Will Higashi
4667 South 2330 East
Salt Lake City, UT. 84117
Phone : (801) 277-8025

Colette Malan, LCSW
Allen Therapy Associates
3670 Quincy Ave., #101
Ogden, UT. 84403
Phone : (801) 334-7217

Daniel Rapp, M.D.
1414 East 4500 South Holliday, Suite 4
Salt Lake City, UT. 84117
Phone : (801) 272-3448

LeAnn Jones, LCSW
1615 S. State Street
Salt Lake City, UT. 84115
Phone : (801) 467-2072
Email : ljones@slcbodymindfitness.com



Center For Gender Reassignment
Phone : (804) 622-9900
Center for persons seeking permanent gender reassignment and SRS.
Gender transition program meets Harry Benjamin Standards of Care.
Thorough screening by staff of medical and gender professionals.
An 18-month period of successful cross-living and a minimum of six months' hormone therapy are required prior to consideration for surgery.

Maggie Chubb, LCSW
Suffolk Psychiatric Group
2470 Pruden Blvd.
Suffolk, VA. 23434
Phone : (757) 539-1503
Fax : (757) 539-0107
Email : ally4u@pilot.infi.net
Email : Maggie.Chubb@gmail.com

Andrew Matzner, MA, LCSW Clinical Social Worker
Grandin Gardens
1719 Grandin Road
Roanoke, VA. 24015
Phone : (540) 819-0429
Email : amatzner@mbc.edu

Suffolk Psychiatric Group
2470 Pruden Blvd
Suffolk, VA. 23434
Phone : (757) 539-1503
Fax : (757) 539-0107

Counseling For Relationships
Rusty Lynn, BD, MSW, LCSW,
225 E. Broad Street
Falls Church, VA. 22046
Phone : (703) 532-8723
Counseling for transgendered persons.

Eleanor Criswell, Ph.D.
8296-C Old Courthouse Road
Vienna, VA. 22182
Phone : (703) 748-4900
Email : ecriswell@erols.com

Elizabeth Gilmore
4155 S. Pollard Street
Vinton, VA. 24179
Phone : (540) 977-1102

Martha Harris, LCSW
4201 John Marr Drive, Suite 222
Annandate, VA. 22003
Phone : (703) 914-4627
Email : banyancoun@aol.com

Dr. Christine Y. Henny, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
1226 31st Street, N.W.
Washington, DC. 20007
Phone : (202) 333-8311
Has an office in Washington, D.C. and in Bethesda, MD. She works with all kinds of people, including TG and LesBiGay folk, from D.C., MD and VA.

Rusty Lynn, LCSW
Arlington, VA.
Phone : (703) 903-9696, ext. 269

Pamela E. Marcus, RN, M.S., CS-P
14460 Old Mill Road, Suite 201
Upper Marlboro, MD. 20772
Phone : (301) 952-9286
Email : MARCUSRN@aol.com
Her specialties are in gender issues, suicide, and childhood sexual abuse survivors.

Michael G. Tancyus, LCSW, DCSW
Diplomate in Clinical Social Work
Augusta Behavioral Health
79 North Medical Park Drive
Fishersville, VA. 22939
Phone : (540) 941-2508
Fax : (540) 941-2555
Email : Mtancyus@augustahealth.com
Individual, Marriage and Family therapy for transsexual and transgender patients. Most insurance accepted. Sliding scale based on income offered.

Ellen R. Warren, LCSW
1500 King St., Suite 302
Alexandria, VA. 22314
Phone : (703) 683-0710
Affirmative counseling and support for transition and family/relationship issues.
Experienced therapist working from a humanistic, supportive point of view.
Help with all concerns: transition, personal, family, career.
Individual, couples and family counseling.

Sam Wyman, Ph.D.
4201 John Marr Drive, Suite 222
Annandate, VA. 22003
Phone : (703) 914-4628 - or try (703) 276-9355
Works with the Transgendered as well as other individuals. Individual, couples, and career counseling.


Asbell Professional Group
Dr. Laura Asbell, Ph.D., Psychologist
Dr. Connie Raybuck, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist
140 South Arthur, Suite 690
Spokane, WA. 99202-2220
Phone : (509) 534-1731
Fax : (509) 535-7073
The primary doctors are Dr. Asbell and Dr. Raybuck. They also have an MA who works with them and all three "specialize" in working with transsexuals, according to the state registry.

Marsha C. Botzer, Ph.D.
Ingersoll Center
1812 E. Madison, Suite 102
Seattle, WA. 98122
Phone : (206) 726-2056

Jana L. Ekdahl, MA, LMHC
Email : JanaESeattle@msn.com
Phone (Seattle Office) : (206) 328-4747
Phone (Tacoma Office) : (253) 444-4080
1122 Pike Street, Suite 1322
Seattle, WA. 98122
Featured on the Oprah Winfrey show with Transgendered Kids

Patricia Fawver, Ph.D.
7406 - 27th St. W., Suite 9
Tacoma, WA. 98466
(253) 564-8408

Sandra (Sandy) Fosshage, M.A.
6817 Greenwood Ave. N.
Seattle, WA. 98103
(206) 286-6005

Douglas Haldeman, Ph.D.
2910 E. Madison St.
Seattle, WA. 98112
Phone : (206) 328-6025

Barbara E. Hammond, Ph.D.
Director, Counseling Services
Washington State University
280 Lightly Student Services Bldg.
Pullman, WA. 99164
Phone : (509) 335-4511
Email : 3bhammond@mail.wsu.edu

Ingersoll Gender Center
Office Address :
1115 East Pike Street Suite 4
Seattle , WA. 98122
Phone : (206) 323-LGBT(5428)

Mailing Address
Ingersoll Gender Center
1122 East Pike Street
PMB 1263
Seattle, WA. 98122-3934
General Information Email : info@ingersollcenter.org

Ingersoll Business Office hours:
10:30-12:30 pm (Pacific Time)
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
For MtF information write to : mtf@ingersollcenter.org
For FtM information write to : ftm@ingersollcenter.org

Ingersoll Gender Center is a non-profit counseling and referral service for the transsexual community in the Northwest. It is managed by a professional board and has eight experienced, licensed therapists with advanced degrees on contract. Ingersoll works closely with the Emerald City and Seattle Counseling Service. Individual and group counseling, consultation to service providers, referrals, research, public information. Weekly support meetings, public information presentations, research, and informational materials upon request.

Psychcare Northwest
Center For Sexual Health
Jude Patton, CMFT, PA-C
2150 North 107th Street, Suite 200
Seattle, WA. 98133
Phone : (206) 362-4141
Program offers counseling services, psychiatric evaluation and treatment, psychometric testing, medication management in a warm, caring and supportive professional environment.

Jude Patton CMHC, CMFT, PA-C
The T Group
1812 East Madison, Suite 102
Seattle, WA. 98122
Phone : (425) 787-5094
Email : JUDEPATTON@aol.com
Jude runs a therapy group for FTM folks, in addition to doing therapy for individuals and couples, etc. Jude has certification by AASECT as both a sex educator and as a sex therapist.

K.K. "Robby" Robbins, M.A.
Inner Ventures
5735 N. Lincoln Street
Spokane, WA. 99205
Phone: (509) 768-8543
Email : callingkate@comcast.net

Individual, couple, family and group counseling; everyone welcome at drumming circles, meditation, etc. Openly lesbian, founding board member of the Spokane Regional Rainbow Center http://www.spokanerainbowcenter.org/, facilitated a glbt support group for many years and helped TG/TS folks starting support groups. Refers to Dr. William Corell for hormone therapy or clients choice of doctor or clinic.

Bryant Vehrs, M.A. CMHC.
1812 E. Madison Street, #103.
Seattle, WA. 98122
Phone and Fax : (206) 623-5244
Email : bryantvehrs@msn.com

West Virginia     Sorry, no listings.


Lynelle Brantner Alexander, M.S.W.
Milwaukee, WI.
Phone : (414) 777-3936
Psychotherapist, specializing in Relationships, Sexual Identity, Gender, Self Image, and Disabilities. Sliding fee scale.

Milwaukee Transgender Program
Gretchen Finke, MSSW
Roger Northway, MS
Pathways Counseling Center
2645 N. Mayfair Road, Suite 230, First Financial Building
Milwaukee, WI. 53226-1304
Phone : (414) 774-4111
A therapy program for M-F and F-M transgendered people. A complete program of emotional support, evaluation, psychotherapy, hormone therapy and reassignment surgeries. Follows the Harry Benjamin Standards. Contact Gretchen Fincke or Roger Northway.

Transgender Identity Group
c/o Ivanoff and Ivanoff
Ste. 1810 Clark Building,
633 West Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, WI. 53203-1918
Phone : (414) 271-3322
Therapy program for M-F TG/TV/CD provided by licensed psychologist. Meets the second Sunday afternoon of each month. Individual and group support services for family and friends. Individual therapy for F-Ms. Comprehensive screening, appropriate referrals. Use HBIGDA Standards of Care.

Dr. Linda Wetherbe
Phone : (847) 223-6123
Email : liwetherebe@netwury.net
Theraputic Services - Gender issues. Works with Gender related issues on an Individual, Group or Partner Basis. Located in the Northeastern IL area and is easily accessible to Southeastern WI Residents. By appointment only.

Sue Gill, Ph.D.
6314 Odana Road, Suite E
Madison, WI. 53719
Phone : (608) 250-2492
Email : suegill@madisontherapy.com
Website : http://www.doctorsuegill.com/index.html
Often serves as a counselor for those who have experienced trauma and abuse, people who have LGBT or gender related concerns, depression, anxiety, or relationship problems. Office is It is just off the beltline, between Gammon Rd and Whitney Way, near the West Towne Mall. There is plenty of free parking, and the building is accessible.

Jasmine St. John, MS, LMFT
6405 Century Ave., Suite 201
Middleton, WI. 53562
Phone : (608) 279-3900
Email : jsj@jsjtherapy.com
Website : http://www.jsjtherapy.com

International Online and Offline Gender Therapists:

Gender Therapist Online
"We are a Gender Psychotherapy resource dedicated to the needs of individuals with gender identity disorders and other related issues..... Providing therapy to the Trans-gender Community for gender related issues and assessment of readiness for hormones and SRS, leading to a report and letters of recommendation.
We currently have many clients worldwide who find our service invaluable, as they live in isolated areas, have not the resource close to where they reside. Prefer the flexibility and availability of the service, the non-face to face contact. being able to use our services from the comfort of their home, or are simply reserved and shy. All of our therapists are fully qualified, U.K. registered and possess many years of experience and fulfill the requirements of the Dr. Harry Benjamin Standards of care. This is an online and Worldwide Service"

Dr Carl Bushong
Transsexual, Transgendered Care. Consultation by long distance telephone. Dr. Bushong calls you. He also sets up Testing for hormone therapy. Price $125.00 per 50 minute hour. Service is provided Worldwide.



Dr Fekecs
Boeblinger Str. 24
Stuttgart, Germany.
Tel: (0049) 711 640 59 44.


Dr James Kelly
Oscailt Integrative Health Centre
8 Pembroke Road,
Dublin 4


Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapist & Counsellor
Director, Australian Health & Education Centre
Professor of Sex, Gender & Sexuality, Calamus International University
Australian Health & Education Centre
3 Glebe Place
131-145 Glebe Point Road
NSW 2037
Tel +61 (0) 2) 9562 6802
Fax +61 (0) 2 9399 6587
E-mail info@tracieokeefe.com
Website www.tracieokeefe.com

Note: As of August 11, 2001, in Vancouver it is mandatory to dial 604 even if it's a local call.

The 519
519 Church Street
Toronto, ON
M4Y 2C9
416 392 6874
Fax: 416 392 0519
E-mail: info@the519.org
Web site: http://www.the519.org/
Free counseling, but their wait list is long. They also have tons of Trans programs.

Clarke Institute Gender Identity Clinic NOT RECOMMENDED Read links first On Clarke Institute. Reparative therapy is used and HBIGDA Standards of Care are not followed.

Background: The Clarke Institute Kenneth J. Zucker on transsexualism
Clarke Institute of Psychiatry
250 College Street
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5T 1R8
(416) 979-2221, ext. 2339

Jamie Powers, M.Ed., M.A., R.C.C.
Sexual Minorities Therapist
5th Floor
575 W. 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
Canada V5X 1C6
(604) 737-8482

Sherbournce Health Centre
333 Sherbourne Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 2S5
416 324 4180
Fax: 416 324 4188
E-mail: info@sherbourne.on.ca
Web site: http://www.sherbourne.on.ca/
Purportedly the easiest and fastest way to access hormones in the Toronto area. See the Web site, call, or E-mail for more info.

Vancouver General Hospital
Centre for Sexuality, Gender Identity and Reproductive Health
Echelon 5th floor, 855 West 12th Ave. Vancouver, BC
Canada V5Z 1M9
(604) 875-8282


The Gender Trust
P.O. Box 3192
Brighton, BN1 3WR
Telephone Helpline available: +44 07000 287878 (Thursdays 7pm-11pm for Transsexuals and Tuesdays 7pm-11pm for Transvestites).
GT Information Line: +44 07000 790347 (before 10 p.m. please)
E-mail: gentrust@mistral.co.uk or anon-11116@anon.twwells.com
Web site: http://www.gendertrust.org.uk/n2/p21.php?id=2
Registered Charity No. 803607.

Dr Richard Green and Dr Don Montgomery,
Gender Identity Clinic
Charing Cross Hospital
Hammersmith, London W6 8RF
Tel: 0208 846-1516

Dr Russell Reid
The London Institute
10 Warwick Rd
London SW5 9UH
Tel: 0207 373 0901.

Dr Russell Reid
Mental Health Unit
The Hillingdon Hospital
Uxbridge, MIddx, UB8 3NN
(You have to be a resident in the Middlesex Health
Authority Area to see Dr Reid on the NHS at this hospital).

Dr Lynne Webster
Psychosexual Counselling Unit
St Mary's Hospital
Hathersage Rd, Manchester 13.

Dr Kevin Wylie
The Gender Dysphoria Service
Specialist Psychotherapy
Directorate, Porterbrook Clinic
c/o Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic
Lyndhurst Rd
Nether Edge, Sheffield, S11 9EL
Tel: 0114 271 8011

Dr Shola Johnson
Dept of Psychiatry
St James University Hospital,
Leeds, LS9 7TF.

Dr Lyndsey Myskow
Psychosexual Therapist
The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh
NHS Trust, Lauriston Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9YW
Tel: 0131 536 1000

Dr P McGuire- Sampson
Heath House, Priory Hospital
Long Ashton,
Bristol, BS16 1WQ
Tel: 0117 952 5255

Dr Moira Johnston
Consultant Psychiatrist
Cherry Knowle Hospital,
Ryhope, Sunderland, SR2 0NB

Dr Dunleavy
Gender Dysphoria Panel
Division of Psychiatry
The Royal Victoria Infirmary
Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 4LP.
(This group apparently includes psychiatrists, endocrinologists, plastic surgeons, gynaecologists, counsellors and a lawyer, but can only accept patients from within their area).

Dr Mary Gabbott
Penbury Hospital
Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN2 4QJ
Tunbridge Wells Independent Hospital
(secretary: Mrs Collins)
Tel:01892 740042

Dr D Di Ceglie
The Tavistock Clinic
Tel: 0171 794 8262.
(Specialises in Childhood and Adolescent
Gender identity disorders).

Professor Wakeland
Royal Free Hospital
Hampstead, London

Jean Sambrookes (Clinical Psychologist)
Dept of Psychology
North Mersey Community Trust
Rehab and Special Care Directorate
Rathbone Hospital
Mill Lane, Liverpool, L13 4AW
Tel: 0151-250 3000 ext 3035/7

Dr James Barrett
The Bethlam and Maudsley NHS Trust
Bethlam Royal Hospital
Monks Orchard Rd
Beckenham, Kent, BR3 3BX
tel: 0208 777 6611